It no longer goes unsaid that Facebook is the most used social media platform in Uganda, and if you have clout on the app, you most definitely are a celebrity in your own way. Masaka-born Ashburg Kato, a charismatic youth in this era of ours, mastered the art of social media influencing, and it has surely taken him places.

I personally first heard of Ashburg close to a decade ago when he was involved in a Facebook male beauty pageant, organized by Facebookers in Kampala. Even though I’m not sure whether he won it or not, he used the little fame he got from it to become a music commentator and digital marketer, and the rest, as they say is history.

Now at 107,000+ followers on his personal profile, and a couple of huge pages in his name, Ashburg has become precisely a media house of his own; and perhaps that’s why he opened up an online TV he named Ghetto TV. See: 100k+ Facebook views on a video isn’t something small; that’s way more than what some mainstream media houses get.

“I teach, I diss, I sensitize.” Is what welcomes you when you open the Facebooker’s profile, and he doesn’t sell himself short. You can also be as famous as Ashburg by capitalizing on MTN’s Pulse data bundles.

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