Growing up, Atim dreamed of life as a journalist and worked passionately to become one. When she applied to do the course, she was denied the chance by her university of choice and her dream looked shattered then. But like any other success story, she didn’t give up. She took to social media and engaged in what we call online journalism because her passion had not died out despite the road block.
At the moment, Atim handles Public Relations (PR) for companies. She also has, with the help of MTN Pulse bundles, been involved in several online campaigns in PR and advertising that have ensured that she gets to practice something she has always been passionate about but missed a chance to study comprehensively. She is, by her standards, an established Social Media Strategist and to her, Twitter is not just a platform. It is a work station whose potential she hopes to tap for her own good.
The other interesting bit about Atim is that she has proudly shown off her man online. If you’re an avid user of the site, you’ll know that she is in a very open relationship and has on several occasions come out strongly in support of her man. If you say anything misinformed and ill about him, she will definitely teach you how to get your facts correct the next time. We will not mention his name here but the hint just goes on to tell you that for her, Twitter is not just an application. She’s a queen and the app is her realm whose interest she has sworn to defend.
Like you can see, her story is one of resilience and love for one’s passions even in the rise of so much negativity. She could easily have given up her journalism dream but instead when the front door was shut in her face, she marched on and entered using the back door and like they say, the end will justify the means.
In the next five years, Atim sees herself as an ambassador on Twitter and doing mostly philanthropic work. But before she cuts shift from PR and Advertising she plans to create her own business and use the platform to grow it. She has seen so many businesses grow with her input and been inspired to start her own and water it with the same water she watered the other businesses with.

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