Often times, when one talks about pretty girls and social media in the same sentence, the next question will be, “What’s her Instagram username?” followed by relentless sessions of stalking and double-tapping; which usually result in a shortage of soap and/or lotion. But when you talk of girls like Mutoni Etania, ‘Snapchat Queen’ is the closest synonym to accuracy, and you’d just have to add her on the yellow app, to enjoy a whole new dimension of social media.

Etania’s name first received immense attention when she incontinently jumped onto the stage and squeezed Nigerian Afro Beat star Wiz Kid in her little arms, wailing in rivers of tears, during his last show in Kampala. Lucky enough for the petite beauty queen, Star Boy understood her affection, and signaled his angry bouncers not to pounce at her for disrupting the show. Ever since then, the rest, as they say is history.

Don’t be duped by her innocent face and relatively short stature, Etania Star knows how to turn up like a pro, and gets more Snapchat views than most of your favorite Ugandan celebrities — yes you read that right!

It’s one thing wanting to follow all your favorite celebs, but it’s another when all your favorite celebs religiously follow someone else; someone you least expect; someone like Etania. Indeed she has gotten influential to the extent of being referenced on hit songs like “Bango” by Sweden-based rapper Rickman Manrick, and her posse is not uncommonly of famous people.

Standing tall at 19,557 and counting, @kingetania5 mastered the art of organic and natural social media influencing, and if you really need true young blood to rock your world, I can’t recommend anyone else.

Picture source: Instagram

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