Lately, youths on social media do anything for clout, and in a space with an avalanche of clout chasers, genuine content sharers like Daphne Kayondo are a great breath of fresh air. With an effortlessly elegant fashion sense, the Ugandan beauty has managed to etch her name onto the list of Instagram influencers any company worth its salt will need.

Whether it is about donning a robe on a 5-Star hotel gig, a glamorous dress to a corporate event, or a swimsuit for a fashion line, Daphne never fails to impress. She has also done gigs for shoe brands.

Averaging 1,000 likes per post, Miss. Kayondo’s engagement is as good as they come, and her captioning game surely contributes to this.

“Whenever focus goes, is where energy grows.” Says Daphne, and this couldn’t be any closer to the truth. She also drops accurate scripture lines like “So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?” For purposes of inspiration to her audience.

Admittedly, having the finesse Daphne owns isn’t something I can pretend to know how you’ll achieve, but I can tell you that by using Pulse Data Bundles 50MB + 200MB SWIFT which last 24 hours, you can keep in the loop with Daphne via her Instagram at daphne_kayondo. Simply dial *157*20# to get the bundles.

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