We have reached an age where it is a big deal for brands to pay individuals to endorse their products on social media, in a phenomenon called digital marketing. The sassy Natukunda Sharon, is one of those Instagram ladies who have perfected this art, owing to her penchant for fashion, and admirable lifestyle.


At 300k+ followers, Sharon provides the audience designers need for their masterpieces, and she has posed in bikinis, jumpsuits, dresses, African outfits, makeup and may more; with very organic marketing skills.

“To have more, you simply have to become more”, advises the beauty queen, to all those who care to emulate her greatness. She also says you should always keep every stone thrown at you, because you have castles to build.

One thing for sure though, is that her journey definitely didn’t start from the top. You can also be a social media queen or king, by using the affordable Pulse Bundles and also double daily data with MTN.

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