First name Sarah, second name Solomon and she’s done. Joined Twitter in 2018 and according to her it’s been a very interesting roller coaster. But why not? Some of us joined years earlier but she seems to be having a blast!

Her reasons for joining Twitter are the exact reasons Jack Dorsey and colleagues made the app for in the first place – to stay informed on all topics political, economic, social et all. Ms Solomon says the other reason was because she realized companies respond more conveniently to users on Twitter than anywhere else.

“I am really not disappointed, I get responses as a consumer very quickly on the application and it is interesting because all serious organizations are on Twitter. Companies like MTN and Umeme respond to everything you post about them whether positive or negative and I don’t have to walk to their offices for services.” She told MTN Pulse.

She seems innocent of aspirations when you first encounter her but deep in conversation, she has got very big dreams that she hopes to accomplish in less than 10 years. Among them is starting up her own Digital Marketing company to elevate what she called “social media influencing from where it is now to the A-Game.”

The other aspiration is to have her own talk show that she can use to shine a light on the underprivileged in society and get them to have their lives turned around for the better. She says her belief in humanity is what is making her hold on that dream because she is sure that as soon as she starts, very many kind hearted people will support her on her journey.

“I grew up watching Oprah Winfrey and she is my inspiration. In future, I hope to have my own show similar to hers that I can use to give a platform to so many people mostly the not so blessed in life to live good and enjoy their time on earth too.” She added.

Jokingly also, she said in 5 years, she will be married to someone’s son and having twins to raise.

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