A look at the MTN 5G driverless car and what you should expect to see at the MTN at 20 Expo

Self-driving cars have evolved from lab-based, “technology of the future” to “this is really happening” technology and we shall all see this with our eyes at the MTN Expo roadway. While the Internet of Things (IOT) is something many ought to ignore, In less than 3 years we shall see 5G streaks accompanied by self driving cars, smart cities, virtual reality and artificial intelligence sit on the cusp of major breakthroughs.

At the MTN Expo this weekend, a 5G self driving car will give us a snippet of what to expect when MTN 5G is finally here. Imagine, a car that cruises with no driver in the top seat but instead uses GPS coordinates. Well, lets find out what 5G really means.

What’s so great about 5G?

The 5th generation wireless data evolution is what keeps many technologists and telecom engineers up at night these days. When It’s successfully launched, 5G will be the most significant data network advancement to date.

Although 5G promises to connect everything around us to a network that offers lighting fast speeds, responsiveness and reach to unlock the full capabilities of technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things,the final piece in the puzzle for self-driving cars can’t be ignored as It will alter the way we travel as one of the cars will streak out some drift movements with no driver controlling it.

5G driverless car

While 5G will turn your phone into one sort of a super computer with an instinctive high bandwidth connection,self driving cars use 5G speeds compared to human reflexes as the MTN self driving car will rely on a 5G Wi-Fi network to drive through Kololo Airstrip with nothing like external control by a human. In other words, this is an experience you cant dare miss at a time when 5G is still work in progress with MTN bringing it closer to you.

Besides seeing a 5G driverless car come to life at the MTN expo, you should expect a preview of a smart city and how agriculture will transform into an easy gold mine with the power of MTN 5G. In addition, the driverless car will have exclusive features you might not have seen before beyond super cars from Tesla or Toyota and Ferrari. By the same fashion, the engine powering this MTN Driverless car is not that phenomenal but the technology embedded is beyond 5G driving us close to the future.

In a nutshell, You should expect to see a futuristic car in Uganda much more as the first of its kind in Kampala. Henceforth, during the MTN Uganda expo you will up your selfie game inside the driverless car spicing up your stay with the future of 5G at the MTN tent. See you then

Credit: Guest Writer-Humphery Mpairwe