Pulse MCM: Meet Okot Nerius, An Agriculture Entrepreneur And Fashion Addict

When we were growing up, farming was looked at as the profession for “poor” people because it doesn’t involve wearing any fancy clothes but rather needs you to get your hands dirty in soil. Little did we know that riches were hidden in there. A couple of years later, there’s been a plot twist among young people and Okot Ogong Nerius is one of those that have been able to to realize it.

Although he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the International University of East Africa, Nerius opted to become an entrepreneur in agriculture specializing in the growth and trade of maize and sorghum. Just like any other business, it requires a lot of commitment, patience, sacrifice and money. What may make it even more difficult is that agriculture in an unpredictable venture because it is highly dependent on weather and any slight change could cause an increase or decrease in supply which in turn have an effect on the prices in the market. But with a strong end goal in mind, Nerius has been able to succeed at his craft.

Aside from his passion in agriculture, Nerius has a strong sense of fashion. If he didn’t mention that he did agriculture, you probably wouldn’t believe it. His sense of fashion will make him stand out in a room and get ladies turning their heads. But before you get any ideas, he is taken by a queen-who to him is more of an asset than a bill. These two are the relationship goals that many pulsers look up to on social media.

In this new year, he hopes to expand his produce business by not only supplying maize and sorghum but making his own fully packaged products like millet flour and posho in Northern Uganda.
From just the entrepreneurial mindset to the relationship goals and of course the strong fashion sense, Nerius is someone you all have to follow and pick some inspiration from – dial *157# and get yourself a pulse data bundle and hit the follow button on his accounts.

Instagram: @abduneri
Twitter: @AbduNeri