Pulse WCW: Quinn Abenakyo, Uganda’s Golden Princess

The Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant has always been here. I’ve known it since I was little but nothing beats last year’s contest I suppose. The contest that saw Quinn Abenakyo crowned as the eventual winner.

A recent graduate from Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Abenakyo is someone I relate to very well. Surprisingly, even though we don’t know each other personally.

She is a self made queen who I vividly recall in a video message she posted rallying the whole country to support and vote for her when she was at Miss World Contest. We voted and boy did she make us proud!

Abenakyo didn’t aim for the sky, she aimed for the Moon and this explains her success at the contest. In whatever you’re doing, always aim for the top prize. That way when you fall, you’ll be among the stars.

She may not have become Miss World but she conquered Africa. A whole continent. I could go a whole day talking about her if my word limit was unlimited like MTN offers but I have to stop.

With her Abenakyo Foundation, Queen (I intended this) has been able to not only hold our flag high in beauty contest but also helped impact the less privileged in society. She blends so well in doing it you might think she was made for charity.

Anyway, this year, a Miss Pulse category was introduced in the pageant to replace the usual Miss Popularity. You have the power to make one of those queens Miss Pulse if you follow this link: https://temp-microsite.mtnpulseuganda.dev/misspulse

Anyone you think will give us as much pride as our WCW today, go vote her then. The clock is ticking.