Pulse MCM: Meet Bruno K, the Much Appreciated Acoustic and Fashionable Adonis

Many have fallen in love with him from the day he got onto the scene for various reasons. To some it was because he is nice looking, to others it was because of his sweet voice and to a few others it was because of his fashion.

The “one for the road” hit maker has stood the test of time in his music career. Having started off as a music baby with his guitar, Bruno has grown into an admirable acoustic singer doing collabos with big artistes. His unique music genre that is referred to as urban pop &RnB has given him a quick rise to fame.

Many have come and left the scene when still unknown but what got Bruno attention besides his angelic voice were his looks and a simple but sleek fashion sense. Complements about his rosy eyes have never stopped flying around. His signature hair style has got many jumping onto the trend.

See, all these looks and style are a plus for him. The real clincher as to why he stands out is that he is a very vocal youth. Vocal in the sense that he will bluntly speak out about anything that affects him directly without fear of anything.

We had no better person to crush on today than a fast rising music star with adorable looks and a fascinating fashion sense.