Pulse MCM: Meet the Fashion Inspiration That Owen is

We have seen many self-made fashion lords come and go but Owen Byamukama is here to stay. The second year student at MUBS has over time proved that Fashion comes calling at him irrespective of the trend. Being fashionable is one thing and being recognized for it is another. Last month Owen was nominated in one of South Africa’s biggest awards in the category of Best Dressed Male which are slated to take place in October this year. In the same breath, he is nominated in Fashion Choice awards; last year he was nominated in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards in the category of Fashionista of the year with strong contenders.

We must give it to him for his sharp eye for detail. He always goes for a subtle, unique, clean and effortless look. Guess this is what makes him stand out. He does not seem to try too much. Even when he thinks he is casual, his outlook will get you gaping. Oh! Did I mention that the Pulse Twambale Apparel has got you covered for all the unique sleek looks you desire? Well, there you have it.

Male grooming is important and this entails so much that some guys deliberately let go of because they feel its time wasting. Things like eyebrow shaping, kempt hair, smelling good et al are some of the things one should do. Before you step out of your home, ensure that you appreciate what you see when you stand in front of a mirror and honestly Owen has mastered this art. It comes easy for him.

Besides being a fashionista like many know him, he is a very friendly and down to earth guy. He is a very social person that has a bunch of friends. His friends know him as one that loves to share fashion knowledge and tips. They describe his style as a daring style.

Owen is a stylist and a co-business partner with his brother at Allan’s Collection. If you wish to scroll over his instagram and get some inspiration, @sir_Owen_Dapper is the user name but first, you will need a pulse bundle to sustain your stay on the internet.