PULSE WCW: Makerere’s Angella Atwiine, a Photographer with a Dream to Heal the World

It is a common thing among many University finalists that they will think and worry about what they will do next after they walk out the campus gates.

And for a Journalism and Communication student like Atwiine, the final year is always about seeking connections to which media house they will work or which communications company is the best around Kampala so they can join them.

But for Amate (as friends like to call her), she has invested her time into photography, poetry and volunteer works.

Amate is a 4th year student of Journalism and Communication majoring in Communication.

She says she wants to help as many people as she possibly can especially children and to be the change that is needed in the society she lives.

“I want to heal the world in any way possible,” she says.

Currently, Amate volunteers at the cancer institute in Mulago and at the Ghetto film project based in naguru.

She teaches and mentors ghetto kids and street kids on how to better their lives and improve their standards of living.

“I am a strong believer in giving and caring for people. I also strongly believe in God.”

About her career as a photographer, Amate says photography is story telling and a way of expressing our emotions.

“Photography is the silent sermon. I photograph the poetry I cannot write,” she said.

To other pulsers, Amate advises them to; “do something you are passionate about and be kind to other people.”

Below, we sample some of her photography works

A cancer survivor performing at the Childhood Cancer Day.
Life in the slums of Kisenyi
Games played by kids in slums