Pulse MCM: Meet Ian Manzi, an Ambitious Guy With Enormous Dreams

Nonso Amadi recently performed at the 4th edition of shorts Na Lesu event that happened at Ddungu resort. Shorts Na Lesu is organised by a team of 4 young and enthusiastic gentlemen and Ian Manzi is one of them. Ian recently returned to Uganda after completing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Exeter in the UK.

Although he studied engineering, Ian is extremely passionate about events planning and management. He is one of the proprietors of Shograph concepts which is an events management company that he hopes will expand and pull off major events in the near future. Manzi is the life of the party so it is not shocking that he is doing something that he actually loves.

Aside from the events, he is also into real estate management and agriculture. He manages properties of his parents but also buys off dilapidated houses and gives them a better touch. In the agriculture scene, he has acres of land with different crops that he hopes to soon turn into a demonstration farm. He also hopes to join the political scene in Uganda so that he can impact on the lives of people not only in Uganda but all over the world.

Manzi is not only a handsome boy but also a very ambitious and enthusiastic pulser who is going to be a big name in the next couple of years. He also has a unique sense of style and will always make a statement in every room that he steps into; you too can be like him by dialing *157*4# and getting discounts on amazing clothes from Twambale apparel.