Pulse WCW: Meet Atim Xo, The UK-based Ugandan Supermodel Representing the Pearl of Africa

Pondering about the Ugandan diaspora, Great Britain is the first place to make the most meaning. As our grand parents traveled there to further their studies after performing well at home during colonial times, and to flee civil war in the bloody 70s and 80s; and as our parents also went there on the quest for greener pastures from the 90s onwards: the number of Ugandans born and/or raised in the major towns of England became overwhelming. One of the many who have garnered success in the British arts field is model Atim Ojera aka Atim Xo.
With over 105,000(predominantly British I wager) Instagram followers, Atim commands such a great audience and influences many in their fashion decisions. She is a brand ambassador for various fashion lines, and with her astonishing melanin that absorbs the sun, the Black Barbie leaves everyone in awe on every single post. You would wonder how she manages to juggle such fame with a hectic University schedule.
With her short, petite form; the Black Angel, who is undoubtedly a melanin action figure, is often lost of an answer about what her favorite color is, changing taste whenever she tries on a different bright color. She rocks just the same, whether in swimwear, pants or dresses. She has that kind of beauty that heavily depletes Pulse Bundles.
If all that, is what impresses you most about Atim, then you probably haven’t noticed her love and undying loyalty to her Ugandan roots. From customized Ugandan outfits, to highly patriotic photo captions, the Black Angel’s devotion is unprecedented.
To y’all pulsers, Atim says, ““When you look in the mirror, remind yourself how FLY you are, QUEEN!? It is as simple as knowing and believing you are one.” She is therefore an activist against Black Hypocrisy, or what you could call colorist tendencies among Black people, who think a given shade of black is better than another.