Top 5 Ugandan Songs On “Tidal Top 100” This Week And Why John Blaq is Dominating the Chart

When John Blaq released his smash hit “Tukwatagane”, many commentators doubted his ability to stay relevant for long, arguing that his low-toned, croaky voice will quickly get monotonous in the ears of Ugandans, and that he was precisely a one-hit wonder. The charts though, prove otherwise, and the 21 year old Urban Afro Pop and dancehall star is high flying. The top 5 Ugandan songs on the Tidal Top 100 chart are:

1. Do Dat by John Blaq
On its release 5 weeks ago, Do Dat shot through the ranks, and is actually Number 1 right now, even when the non-Ugandan songs on the Tidal Top 100 are considered.

2. Gutujja by Rema and B2C
The B2C soldiers were written off by critiques after they parted ways with Andy Events, the management that helped them rise to fame. However, they didn’t back down, and after a great reggae song in “Heart Of A Winner”, they dropped a sizzling hot collabo featuring Rema Namakula in “Gutujja”.

3. Makanika by John Blaq
This one was released about 3 months ago, and is still in the top 3. This should be an indicator of how much on fire John is.

4. Obubadi by John Blaq
Another one by John Kasadha, sitting comfortably at Number 4 and a Million plus views on YouTube.

5. Falling by Toniks and Fille
Allan Toniks’ sublime talent has never been a subject of contention, and after blessing us with “Romance” after a long spell of silence, he couldn’t wait equally long to release this masterpiece. And oh, the “Falling” video is arguably the best Ugandan music video of 2019 – so far.

Back to John Blaq, all I can say is he has proved to be unstoppable. He has managed to capitalize on his fame to release as much music as he can, before his appeal reduces. Also, what sets him apart from unique-voiced and/or rare lyric singers, is that his lyrics have meaning. On that point, try asking Latinum to write down the actual words to any of his songs, and see if he will be able to convince you that he doesn’t sing gibberish.

Unanimously, the pint-sized John can safely be called the New King of the East. He is the hottest thing from Busoga and Eastern Uganda as a whole currently. The likes of Maro are trailing. We just hope he follows suit and graces us with some Sogy lyrics like his predecessors including Gen. Mega Dee always did.

Meanwhile, you can reload your pulse bundles and check out the Tidal Top 100 chart via this link