Why Bad Black is the Most Followed Ugandan on Snapchat

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used social networking site in Uganda, and till today, as neighboring countries like Kenya and Tanzania are hyping Twitter and Instagram respectively, the Banana Republic is still loyal to big ol’ FB.
You would wonder which people use Snapchat in this country, because I for one had tried multiple times to become active on the yellow app and failed miserably at each attempt because firstly, i always never had enough internet bundles to last me long on the app but when i discovered the pulse bundles, viewing snaps became a lot easier and affordable. One similar thing about all my attempts though, is the reason why I was trying hard to join an app that doesn’t appeal to me, and that reason wasn’t any other than Bad Black!
Shanitah Namuyimbwa, who became famous for splashing money in various hangouts as a city socialite, and then infamous when it was revealed that she financed the lifestyle with the 14 billion Uganda shillings she had allegedly stolen from Irish businessman David Greenhalgh, is once again living lavishly after serving her 4 year jail sentence. She however doesn’t do her thing on Instagram like most slay queens — she is a Snap chat addict.
If you ever add Bad Black on Snap, you will know literally everything that happens in her life; including her daily errands, antenatal meetings and every toy-boy who she beds. Also, even though Luganda erotic terms are rarely used by the average Muganda in public, compared to those of English, Bad Black is proud of her potty mouth. She constantly gives tips to girls and boys on how to be better in bed; while demonstrating accurately with her own body on camera. It is not uncommon for the proud sex worker to flaunt her privy parts to thrill her fans.
Interesting enough, Bad Black isn’t the kind of person to kiss and not tell. She will let the whole world know how blessed or fake you are, regardless of your stature in society. The likes of Bebe Cool, Bryan White, Captain Mike Mukula, Meddy Sentongo and the rest; have tasted the wrath of the unapologetic socialite.
Because of her controversial behavior and extremely free and fun personality, she has garnered herself a number of followers.
That said, after burning several of my pulse bundles on the yellow app just for the sake of Bad Black, I realized Snap chat wasn’t for me. I have always been more of a tweep than a snapper anyway.