Pulse MCM: Meet 22 year Old Tumusiime Dennis Promoting African Culture Through Rap

We have finally come to the end of September and for we the pulsers, one of the biggest highlights this month was the launch of the MTN pulse rap battles with 70M up for grabs. So, there is no better MCM to end the month than Tumusiime Dennis aka Denesi or Deno as known by his friends.

Denesi is a 22year old CEO of Bantu Vibes. Bantu Vibes is a group of 3 musketeers who do African folk rap. They have performed at the monthly snap off parties, at Shorts Na Lesu, the Malembe block party and recently they were one of the biggest highlight of the Bell Jam stage at Nyege Nyege. They have hit songs like Tip, Stylo, Regular, Special feeling, Me n ma Brodie, super natural and so many others.

For Denesi, Bantu Vibes is his heart and soul. He dropped out of Makerere University where he was studying Quantitative Economics because he saw something better and inspiration in the field of music. With the support of his friends and family he has been able to grow and continue and make a name for Bantu Vibes.

He said that together with his friends, they came up with Bantu vibes to continue and embrace African identity and culture in our generation. He will soon be going back to school to study and continue to make African culture something we embrace.


In the next couple of years, he hopes to grow the brand Bantu Vibes from just a music brand to fashion as long as it promotes the African culture. You can listen to Bantu Vibes music on your tidal app, just dial *165*66# and enjoy some rap music.