Next Big Star: Meet Patience Laker Who Preaches Pride & Female Empowerment Through Poetry

Poetry is one of those art forms with a niche audience in Uganda. You would probably not see any of them perform at usual events, apart from specific art nights and festivals like Bayimba. Patience Laker, a 22 year old female poet, speaks emancipation, and pride in ones skin.

Laker started performing poetry on the big stage in her form 6 vacation, and this is when she decided to take a path that not many poets did. You see, most poets are viewed as romantics, and this usually reflects in their pieces.

“Every friend I knew was writing love poems, but after sinking so deep into Warsan Shire’s muse, I decided to write about things that affect the fairer sex.” She remarked.

Warsan Shire is a famous Somali-British poet, who wrote a couple pieces for Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. She is famous for poems about war, tragedy and life of an immigrant. The Black Pride subject matter in her verse, clearly inspired young Laker to craft pieces that speak of pride in her complexion.

“Sorry if you thought I was offended” was one of the pieces that cemented Patience’s stature as a feminist poet, and earned her a platform at other stages like Evoke Night.

Laker’s story is one too inspiring, but one important aspect about it is that she made herself better by watching performances of her favorite poets on YouTube. You too can get better by relying on Pulse Data Bundles to watch YouTube content, by simply dialing *157*2#