Pulse Rewind: Buzz Teeniez Awards Resurface With Signature Elation From Teens

In my high school days, Buzz Magazine was the main means of entertainment for us, and the Buzz ambassador always chewed all the props for being the plug who brought new issues of the magazine. The Buzz Leavers’ Rock was that prom we looked forward to because it had less rules than the school version, and the Buzz Teeniez Awards were our own version of BET. See, any artist who won a Buzz accolade was automatically our new hero.

Saturday 7th December saw 2019’s edition of the Buzz Teeniez Awards happen at the MTN Warehouse amidst the youthful exuberance, and boujee fashion by the teens in attendance was unwavering and heartwarming; just like it has always been at all the previous episodes over the years.


Good music from the best deejays in town, and ecstatic vibes from the best hype-men around, set the pace for great performances and award acceptances.

This year’s Buzz Awards blessed new entrants in the music industry with the recognition they deserve, with John Blaq and Daddy Andre all scooping accolades. Big Tril also got one for his hit single “Parte after parte” as song of the year, and his mentor GNL Zamba, who is currently based in the US, was in attendance for the teens‘ pleasure.


You can listen to tracks by winners on Tidal, by capitalizing on the subsidized Pulse Tidal bundles, that are in all offerings; as regards to validity. Simply dial *157# and enjoy.

Full List of Winners of the Buzz Teeniez Awards ‘19

The famous Buzz Teeniez Awards, one of the most youthful events in the country, went down on Saturday 7th December at the MTN Warehouse amidst cheers, dance, performances and lots of fun.

Below is a list of lucky winners who took home the prestigious BTA ‘19 accolades.



1. Male Sports Team

St Marys Kitende Football Team

2. Female Sports Team

St. Noah Girls School Basketball Team

3. Male Sports Personality

Allan Okello Kibuli SS

4. Female Sports Personality

Possible Naluyima St Noa



1. Teeniez Artist of the Year (New)

John Blaq

2. Teeniez Male Artist

John Blaq

3. Teeniez Female Artist


4. Teeniez Song Writer

Daddy Andre

5. Teeniez Top Hood Rapper

Feffe Bussi

6. Teeniez Breakthrough Artist

John Blaq

7. Teeniez Dancehall Artist/group

Beenie Gunter

8. Teeniez Hottest Song of the Year

Parte After Party Big Tril

9. Teeniez Hottest Video

Wire Bebe Cool

10. Teeniez Hottest Collabo
 Gutujja B2C & Rema
11. Teeniez Hip Hop Song

Parte After Parte Big Trill

12. Teeniez Dancehall Song

Sikikikweeka Daddy Andre

13. Teeniez Gospel Song

Chikibombe Levixone


14. Teeniez Hottest Radio Station

Galaxy FM

15. Teeniez Hottest Radio Program

Evening Rush Galaxy FM

16. Teeniez TV Station

Magic 1 HD

17. Teeniez Hottest TV Personality

Douglas Lwanga

8. Teeniez TV Show

NBS After 5

19. Teeniez Celebrity Stylist


20. Teeniez Hottest DJ

Dj Roja & DJ Slick Stuart

21. Teeniez Beat Maker

Daddy Andre

22. Teeniez Social Media Personality


23. Teeniez Funniest Comedian

Mc Mariachi



Buzz Teeniez Awards 2019, Leavers’ Rock Going Down on Saturday

For most pulsers, the Buzz Teeniez Awards (BTA) ceremony is not something new to the ear. We mostly know what they’re about. I cannot resist talking about the aroma that the Buzz Magazine brought to our days in High School.

Not to go offtrack, but my worst nightmare in High School was a Buzz Magazine issue coming out and local man fails to get a copy. They were very highly demanded, one announcement and the copies would be finished.

I had never attended a BTA ceremony in high school but I was an avid follower. I can effortlessly recall what Rabadaba was wearing at his peak in the awards ceremonies. Yeah, the King’s College Budo uniform. Quite easy, I know.

Anyway, the 2019 BTA ceremony is happening this Saturday at the MTN Warehouse. This year’s awards ceremony is fully powered by MTN Pulse and you know what that means, lots of Pulse goodies to give away.

It begins at 10 am and goes all day through until 6 pm. Entrance to the event is just 10K but there is an early bird offer at 5K before midday.

This is a teen chance to showcase style and fashion and celebrate Leavers of 2019. MTN gives out free tickets to lucky Pulsers that follow and engage with MTN platforms online. Don’t miss out.

New School Artists Dominate Buzz Teeniez Awards Nominations List

The Buzz Teeniez Awards have always been a platform for young Ugandans to vote their favorite musicians, and in turn have been a pedestal for talented rising stars to shine, in categories like Breakthrough Artist. This year’s Buzz Teeniez Awards nominees list is out, and it is a galore of new school artists. The awards event is slated for 7th December from 10am to 6pm, and entrance will be 10k. Check out the full list of categories below: