Pulse MCM: Meet Derrick, the Young Engineer and CEO Representing Busoga in China

There are a couple of pulsers studying abroad and Derrick Waiswa is one of them. He is a student of civil engineering at Gulin University of Electronic technology in China. Derrick is a tech enthusiast and that is probably why he is doing civil engineering but he hopes to study law someday. He is a mixture of extrovert and introvert in that he is not a fan of being out but he is a friendly and open person.

Derrick hails from Kamuli in Busoga. He proudly calls himself a Musoga irrespective of the tribalism tendencies associated with being a Musoga. Busoga is unfortunately one of the regions where accessibility to safe water is still a big problem. This has made people in the region liable to diseases associated with poor hygiene and they have long been teased about this. One of Derrick’s ambitions is to give back to the town that bred him by increasing access to more clean and safe water.

Many people may not also know this but Derrick is also a CEO of a unisex boutique. It is called Oxxon styles and it is based in Kampala. It is located in Nankulabye at Kitala plaza level 1 room LO4 and LO5. The boutique deals in different items from China and Turkey. He is not seated and living his life but also hustling to make his own money.

Derrick like many basama is always serving us with his good looks and it seems the sun in China is doing him good. He is also single and not searching and would rather focus on building his career before engaging in relationships. We wish him the very best in his endeavors not only in the academic world but also in his business as he tries to make a living.

Derrick has a vibrant and extremely fun personality on twitter. He is big but low key on controversy issues. You can not go through his TL and not click follow. Is this becoming a thing for Ugandans in China? We are yet to find out. You can load MTN Pulse bundles to stalk him on twitter @derromusada


Courtesy photos