5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chronixx

Jamaican reggae artist Jamar McNaughton aka Chronixx, has such a huge fan base in East Africa, thanks to his smash hits like “Smile Jamaica”, “Spanish Town Rockin’”, “Here Comes Trouble” and many more; but how much do you know about the 26 year old dread locked star? With this, I bring you the top 5 things you probably didn’t know about Chronixx.

1. His father was a singer
I guess it is true what they say, “The Apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree.” The sweet Reggae music Chronixx gives us is not by mistake. It is an inborn talent, inherited from his father, Selvin McNaughton.

2. He was given his stage name Chronixx after his father
I know you must be thinking, “Of course one always gets one’s name from one’s father”, but Chronixx’s father wasn’t just a dad passing a surname to an offspring. He was a musician called Chronicle, and his son was nicknamed Little Chronicle, and later Chronixx.


3. He wrote his first song at age 5
Unbelievable but true. Chronixx’s extraordinary talent showed itself when he was a toddler. At just 5, he penned his first song, “Rice Grain”, and since then, his supportive father nurtured his genius and enabled him record his first song at 11 years of age.

4. Started producing at 14
Growing up close to big names in the music industry, Jamar was a very exposed kid, and by the age of 14, he was already producing music for other artistes.

5. Received a Grammy nomination on first album
His debut album “Chronology”, received a Grammy award nomination. This was such a great achievement for a young man born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, who grew up with a dream to be a star.

Chronixx will be headlining at the Pulse Jam Fest at Sheraton Gardens on June 29th and you can listen to his album Chronology on Tidal. Pulsers are eligible to enjoy a discount of 30k  on ticket prices before 25th June by dialing *157*5# and Non – Pulsers will pay 40k and 100k for VIP.