Next Big Star: Meet Lynda Ddane the Bubbly Comedienne With a Unique Craft

Uganda has come a long way with diversifying genres and avenues of comedy, and when Martha Kay started up with the social media video sketches, some thought it was just a craze that would fade away in no time. But as things turn out, we have witnessed another force to reckon with in that sphere. Kampala’s Kigali girl, Lynda Ddane has expanded social media comedy to horizons Martha hadn’t explored, and also, she is now an On Air Personality on the big screen.

I don’t know about you, but I personally believe that anyone who can manage to land a joke in only 60 seconds or less, is not only talented but a genius. Lynda’s juxtaposition of witty and dark humor into her art keeps people smiling in the saddest of times, and her sophisticated jesting on political topics makes her craft even more appealing.

Lynda’s modeling career too is an inspiration to many young girls who would like to be “the girl in the magazine”, and she does it both commercially and digitally. She is also an East Africa Community travel ambassador.

All these self-induced achievements lured NTV into making her one of the presenters of their The Beat music show, and the talented beauty hasn’t done anything but impress; one month down the road.

Anyway I don’t want to be here all singing Miss Ddane’s praises without letting you know how to witness everything on your own. Watch her show every weekday on NTV via StarTimes, by dialing *165*4*7# to buy MTN TV bundles or you could enjoy her funny videos on instagram with the pulse bundles by checking her out @lynda_ddane.

Social Media Kings: Meet Conan Tumu Siime, the Lad Behind the Witty Sketch Comedy

Just like music, comedy is something that has a place in people’s hearts mindless of the situation. Be it joy or sorrow, comedy finds a place to cheer people up — talk of dry humor. In this era that appreciates standup comedy and online sketch comedy a lot, Conan Tumusiime, a then video editor and TV producer at Vision Group, discerned a breakthrough.

Self-christened Tumu Siime, definitely after his own surname, Conan set out to create video content that targeted people from all ages and walks of life, on a medium so feasible for the digital generation: social media.

In roughly a year of activity, the slim, cheeky-faced lad has bulked up a Facebook following greater than many of his predecessors; including Alex Muhangi and Patrick “Salvado” Idringi. 130k Facebook page likes is impressive, but a million views on a Facebook video is even more impressive for a Ugandan to achieve. He has managed to go viral around Africa as a whole and overseas; and managed to be an influencer for various brands, without making it look obvious.

Asked about why he doesn’t like creating content about leaked nudes, vulgarity and tribalism — things which keep his colleagues relevant in the industry — Tumu retorted,
“People are so used to nudity, it has no ratings. And I’m different, Bash, know what I mean? There is that thing of tapping into hatred and people’s biases. I don’t know if you get it. It is the easier thing to do because then, you easily get viral posts. But I hate it and I believe I am better. And I think it comes from the fact that I am never scared of messing up.” The wiz kid stated his case, not letting out the secret behind him playing two or more roles in the same sketch.
When I challenged him that great minds like Plato, Aristotle and William Shakespeare all agreed that tragedy births comedy, he responded,
“[Laughs] Philosophy from a specific era can’t hold for all eras. I don’t believe that. Even Jesus changed biblical philosophy of the old testament in the new testament.” Maintaining that he never wants to thrive by riding on other people’s sadness.
Even though he has ravaged jaws on TV, Radio and the stage, Conan still maintains that social media is a sublime avenue he will always utilize in his career,
“A breakthrough on YouTube is what I crave for. 5000 USD each month un taxed, mahn!” He concluded

Madrat and Chico crack revelers’ ribs at Comedy Night.

Uganda Waragi pineapple ended its tour of the country with a show stopping comedy experience at Laftz lounge at Centenary Park in Kampala. The once popular Laftz Lounge regained back its lost glory with the entry of UG Pineapple Comedy onto its night line up. By 8pm, Laftz was filled with revellers ready to catch some rib cracking jokes from Teacher Mpamire, Dolibondo, Optional Allan, Madrat and Chico and Amooti Omubalanguzi.

Teacher Mpamire

Napoleon the comedian

At the entrance to the comedy show, free cocktails and shots of the Pineapple flavour were handed out to the enthusiastic revellers who waited for Uganda’s biggest comedians. The UG Pineapple lounge was a good place to stop and have a sunshine pineapple experience with the new UG flavour. Only five months on the market, UG Pineapple is already a favourite for many lovers of Gins and Whiskeys. Comedy is only an addition to this Uganda’s biggest export and helps to bring fans together.

King Saha entertaining revelers

Comedy at Laftz’s gave the comedians a chance to showcase their improved talent. While new kids like Optional Allan are coming into the industry with promising talent, older comedians like Napoleon Emma who were flat are now an improvement and their delivery of jokes is superb. Dolibondo has never found it hard to make people laugh and he did not disappoint. Amooti on the other hand is still as funny as ever. He has incorporated music into his comedy and this has only spiced up and improved his stage performance. Madrat and Chico are also steadily researching and learning how to turn normal everyday life into a pack of jokes.


The show as crowned with a performance from the biggest male musician on the scene today, King Saha who performed his best hits, Biri Biri and Very well, among others