Pulse Next Big Star: Meet Darsan Aine Securing bags With Fine Art

Since the dawn of time, we have seen people with talent spring from different corners of the world. There is a new kid on the block with something every other day. Now, there is one serious reason why we couldn’t leave Darsan Ainembabazi in the caves. He is the new breed of your ideal talented guy. Besides his almost incomparable style, his passion in art and design has taken him places aside securing bags.

Darsan is a MUBS Alumnus who did a course contrary to the journey he is currently taking. He believes passion pays off more than anything else. He remarks that “wealth is not measured by the degree of expenditure, it is accumulated by how much you keep or save from every penny you earn.”  With the levels of dedication he gives to his passion, it is almost sure he is going to bag the greatest opportunities this world has to offer.

Painting, reading about art, researching about art, talking about art, shopping art equipment are some of his most adored hobbies. Basically his world revolves around art no wonder he is a fine piece of art himself. In his free time you will find him watching rugby, traveling and exploring, listening to music, sharing knowledge and making new friends (you need to have your wits in check here), his resolute brute force speaks for his love for the gym.


He leads the wolf pack when it comes to painting. It’s hard to balance life, great looks, a sophisticated style, very demanding work and an admirable social life and still produce profound results in all areas but this guy surely does. You must look out for guys that are so focused on whatever they lay their hands to do because there is a similar DNA. They are normally destined for greatness. Pacesetters altogether. Darsan is here blazing trails already with his art. And, his art is not your typical pencil and paper kind of thing. Canvas, oil pastels are his major spring boards.

I cannot leave this unsaid. He applies art to every aspect of his life. If you love James bond you will totally relate with what I’m saying here. He knows how to dribble his pastels even when he wears his dapper suits. The art he applies in choosing the fragrance he wears to the tinniest detail on his belt only speaks “art and trend lover”.

Did I mention that he is a fashion craze? His overly ambitious mind could not let him rest until he discovered a way of applying his art to his clothes. Together with a friend of his, they own a boutique on which clothes he draws his art to give them a completely new look and vibe. Darsan’s art is taking him places. Two years ago, he traveled to London as a reward of an arts competition he won.

Less than two years out of university but he is already giving guys a run for their money. If you were only half as proficient as you imagine you are, I think what you are imagining is even overwhelming, you would notice that this guy is genius in his skill. His love for art is greatly based on ingenuity in its wholesomeness. His paintings can send you into a trance and back. Haven’t seen such a perfect guy with his ink. He is soon becoming our new society icon in this Art and design field, he is the next big star!

Image source: @darsanaine Instagram