Pulse MCM: Meet Edwin, The University Student Making a Living from Chauffeur Services

So many times we have heard from elders that we should never minimize jobs because anything done with passion will surely pay off regardless of what it is; Kirabo Edwin a student at Uganda Martyrs university, Nkozi has heeded to this advice and clearly he is benefiting from it. Talk about earning from passion.

Edwin started offering chauffeuring services while in his senior six vacation. He got the inspiration to start from his late father who always encouraged him to get a self sustainable job as he grew. Among all the many options that were available to him, he chose chauffeuring because according to him he felt that it was a venture that wasn’t fully tapped into and also because he had an inside passion for cars. He is motivated by movements. Another driving force for him to start was the fact that he noticed a challenge/gap where people needed to travel luxuriously but could not afford and those that could afford had experienced poor customer service and he felt that he could change that.

“ I always had this big dream of owning a fleet of cars to provide cheaper transport facilities for people in Kampala and those going on safaris. Many that have traveled with me appreciate my level of customer service plus my luxurious and yet affordable cars.”

One might wonder if this has not interfered with his school. Kirabo has managed to balance his passion with school by doing it over the weekend. If opportunities arise within the week, he makes sure to see the lecturer privately if he misses a lecture.

Having done this for 3 years now, he is happy that he is on the journey to attaining his big dream. But just like any other business, Edwin has faced some challenges most of which have got to do with finances, having to drive very late at night and tricky clients among others.

“I would advice pulsers that want to join this business to get into it for passion and not for money. When you are passionate about something, it comes along with good vibes and money falls through. Do it because you want to establish yourself and create a brand.”

Apart from chauffeuring, Edwin is a big fun of adventure, tourism and living a happy chill life. His friends describe him as a down to earth and friendly person. Show us a better person to drive you around than Edwin.

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