Pulse Fashion Trends: Are Men’s Head Scarfs Trending Again?

See, when it comes to fashion, public figures dictate the trends. However unrealistic a fashion statement may be, as long as they endorse it, all the cool kids and fashionistas will take it up with no hesitation. Need I mention that women in Owino Market and Taxi Conductors in Kampala had waist bags way before Rihanna popularized the fenty pack; and need I mention how “nigiina” shoes were looked at as a poor man’s thing, until Chris Brown and Wiz Kid started moving out in public donning them after baptizing them “crocs”?

In this digital era, fashion trends are highly combustible and volatile, and the most recent trend of head scarfs for men is a live epitome. For women, head wear isn’t uncommon, but for men, it really is; most especially when one isn’t attempting to pull off an Arabic look.

The headscarf has been popularized by Afro beats musicians Burna Boy and Wiz Kid, Tanzania’s Harmonize, and our very own Eddy Kenzo; the latter two being Muslims who have very often rocked the Emirati headscarf before on many occasions, but have embraced this rather secular-influenced trend too.

What’s your say about this new trend: would you rock this headscarf in this January heat?

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