Social Media Kings: Meet Raymond Mutamba The King Of Enjoyments In Kampala

Everyone knows that Kampala is the ‘Enjoyments capital’. However some people are very superior in the world of enjoyments than others. When Big Tril sung parte after parte he was probably singing about Raymond Mutamba. Raymond is a 25 year old who loves to have a good time with people.


What so many people may not know is that Raymond is an assistant project manager at Interheart Limited,Muyenga. The company basically markets school information management systems. Although he studied Biomedical Engineering at campus, he found his passion in IT as his specialty. So as much as he parties, he has to make a living to maintain the life of enjoyments.

Everyone by now must be wondering how he is able to work and also enjoy life at the same time. His rule is simple, work without play just doesn’t make it for him. He also utilizes his time at work effectively so that at the end of the day he can enjoy the party.

Raymond became very popular after he made a video calling for enjoyments. It made several rounds on Twitter and went to other social media platforms as well. People have now started to copy his video and among other things he has been able to meet very many influential people in the enjoyments scene.

There is a lot that Raymond is cooking but you can only find out by buying a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and following him on his social media.

IG: raymzzy
Twitter: raymzzy94