The Cool Night Hangout Places in Kampala

It is summer and that means that our ‘basummer’ are back in town and if they are not yet here, they will be here soon. They come bearing dollars to have enjoy the part after party trend in Kampala. So, here is a small calendar of some of the places that are lit and of course place where you and your friends can enjoy in Kampala;


Even on Monday, the Kampala night life must still go on. La Paronis has Bruno K’s band playing live in case you’re in the mood for some live band music.


On Tuesday, the temple of the party starts to go up a notch. Kenji’s cocktail bar at Kisementi has a quiz night to start off your night. From there, Atmosphere bar and restaurant is back with Girls in the City or alternatively you can go to Hideout on Lugogo by pass for the Wahala night.


The plan for Wednesday has never really changed, it has been constant for a while now. Obviously, I am referring to the Wikidi nights at Panamera with DJ Kasbaby playing. However, even H20 Kololo has the Siesta nights with some of Muchachos Djs playing.


Because Thursday is closer to the weekend, the party is obviously intense. If you’re in the mood for Old skool music, then Gabz lounge in Bugolobi should be your destination. If you want to just have an ordinary lit night in Kampala, then Cheeky Friday at Fusion Auto Spa Munyonyo should be your place. DjSsesse plays there and of course there are discounts on drinks.


Honestly, for Friday almost every bar in town has something going on but some bars are more lit than others. First is obviously Illusions located at the Acacia mall rooftop. Illusions is one of those places where you have value for money because the service is excellent and of course the music is always lit courtesy of DJ Aluda. All you need is 25,000 shs only and you can be a part of the experience.

The other bars you can check out are Cielo at Kisementi, Guvnor, Hideout, among many others.


This is ideally when the party should begin but it is Kampala, the party goes on and never stops. For Saturday you can start it off with a chilled evening at Zone 7 Mbuya with Shisha Nyama. After that, all roads just lead back to Illusions for big Saturdays with Dj Slick Stuart and Selecta Jeff at just 25,000 shs. Alternatively, you can go to Cielo, Hideout or any bar along Acacia avenue.


Even God rested on Sunday, but Ugandans refuse to rest. On Sunday you can go to La paronis for Sunday Fundays or go to EXO lounge for the Mix and Grill Sundays.

After Sunday, repeat the cycle because the party in Kampala does not stop!