WCW: Meet Graciella Ainomugisha, the Beauty Queen on a Path to a Medicine Career

Back then, during the unfortunate years of unfair representation of the fairer gender, not many females had the chance to practice in the Ugandan medicine field, at an estate higher than being a nurse.

Thanks to girl child empowerment, the likes of Grace Ainomugisha aka Graciella Fabiola, have managed to pursue their academic dreams, and still be able to slay on the fashion scene; giving the likes of Bettinah Tianah, Zari Hassan and Anitah Fabiola(who is actually her big sister), a run for their money.

Graciella, like any other beauty queen, has once faced social media backlash for a photo she posted. The curvaceous lass, then a first year Pharmacy student of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, posted a photo of her in a slim bikini, revealing her luscious backside and massive flower tattoo, inked in her light-complexioned lower back.

It was rumored that the photo brought issues between her and her father, so she pulled it down, and took a break off social media to focus on her education. But either way, we are pretty sure she still uses Pulse bundles when doing coursework research on the internet. But this can’t be left unsaid: instagram isn’t the same without you, Graciella.