Top 10 Fast Foods Restaurants around Kampala You Need to Check Out

Normally, one would sit down, have a three course meal for lunch or dinner, probably with their loved one; but hey, normal is boring!

In this era, there is limited time for one to be able to sit down and wait for a starter, main course and then desert. They would rather hit a fast foods restaurant, grab a meal and be on the road in the next few minutes.

Needless to mention, most fast foods restaurants around Kampala work 24/7, making access to food easy at any time.

In this article, we sample the top 10 fast foods places around town. Pease note that the places are not arranged according to any particular order.

  1. KFC

With more than five branches across Kampala, KFC is one other place where you will find quality budget food.

All branches work from morning and close at midnight.

What makes KFC outstanding out of the other restaurants is the fact that delivery of their food is free to any place around Kampala.

On Fridays, you will get a free MTN Pulse bundle when you buy streetwise two.

  1. Krusty Krab Food Truck.

Located at Impala House parking (Opposite KCCA ofiices), Krusty Krab Food truck is a mobile restaurant with by far the most affordable fast foods in Kampala.

The restaurant has a number of offers from throughout the week which cater for single meals or group meals.

The cheapest food at the truck is an El Chapo burger which is sold at only 5,000/- while on Wednesday, three burgers go for 10,000.

More information about their offers can be found on their Twitter handle.

  1. Hot Bite – Makerere

Located at Ham Towers along Makerere Hill Road, at Hot Bike you will get good coffee and a good pizza.

It has grown to become a hang out place for Makerere students and a place to simple but interesting dates.

  1. Chillies Foods and Take Away

These restaurants are spread all over Kampala with their signature being spiced food. They however make exceptions for the non-chili lovers.

  1. Taste Budz

This is located in Bukoto, along Kira road. It’s suitably located below Mask lounge, a popular hangout for low end youths.

Popular on their menu is Peri Peri Pizzas, Chicken Pilau and Chicken Biryani.

  1. Tasty

Mr. Tasty is located in Ntinda, along Semwata road. It’s location in the heart of Ntinda makes it a good spot for pulsers residing in the area and others who like to party from Ntinda bars.

  1. Food Court

These are also spread across Kampala but the most famous ones are located at Acacia mall and Metroplex mall in Nalya.

Here, you will find a variety of foods including Arabian recipes among others.

  1. Meza

Located in Kiseminti, a few metres away from Capital FM premises, Meza is an ultimate fast food place.

It’s famous for the Sharwama wraps and their refreshingly delicious juice.

  1. Deli’s Fast Food Restaurant

This is located along Kisaasi Kyanja road and has a record being first on orders.

  1. Café Cosmo Limited

This is located on Open Sure House Building, along Bombo Road in the heart of Kampala.

It’s famous for Indian Cuisines.