Utilize Space at Home With Urban Farming and Micro-Gardening

Agriculture, like they say and have always said, is the backbone of the economy. Our livelihood depends on it because that is the prime source of our food.

A young graduate of Makerere University, Joseph Kafuuma is impacting his community using Urban farming and Micro-Gardening, proving in the process that you don’t have to go back to the village to engage in farming.

After securing his degree in Agriculture in 2017, he (together with friends) set up a demonstration farm in Kijjabijjo (just after Gayaza) that they named Agriculture for Health and Wealth (AHW). He is using this opportunity to educate and teach his community and other interested learners the basics of managing a farm within their homes.

In less than two years since graduation, Kafuuma has taken his community through Agricultural innovations like sack gardening, vertical gardening, mobile gardens, rack gardens, and hanging gardens to allow people with pavers, tarmac or concrete on their compounds to grow crops without affecting the outlook.

His means of agriculture are always increasingly ridding the environment of polythene which he recycles to form sacks for growing the crops.

Kafuuma is rallying youths to embrace Urban farming and Micro-Gardening to eradicate unemployment and poverty. “Youths, even at their rentals can engage in this subsistence type of farming where they can grow food for themselves and sell the surplus” Kafuuma said.

He believes that with the right mindset and environment, global problems like hunger cannot affect Ugandans in future even with increased population. According to him, land has never the problem in the field of farming but rather the willingness by the people to engage.

Agriculture for Health and Wealth (AHW) Urban Farm or Kafuuma himself can be reached on 0786380564 or 0781970090.