How to Maintain a Nice Afro

Are you a hair person? Do you love your hair thick, beautiful and often times curly? It gets bouncy at times, with good care and that is the goal. The afro is a preciously long held hairstyle in our African tradition. If you look closely in your parents’ earlier pictures, the afro and the bell bottoms stand out most.

As ancient as the style may be, it is still a classic and today we’ll discuss ways of maintaining it if you’re down for it. It can be handwork, but what haven’t we done to look good?

Moisturize Your Hair
A good afro must be washed regularly and kept moist. The goal is to ensure that it doesn’t get brittle and break easily. If you pick the correct moisturizing products, your afro will be set.
Products that contain nutritive oils are the best recommendation. Coconut oil, avocado oil, caster and olive oil are some of the nutrients for the best hair oil and we advise you look for them. These will serve moisture to your hair follicles and keep them firm, to avoid breakage.

Don’t Wash it Everyday
When I said wash the hair regularly up there, I didn’t mean everyday. To maintain a perfect afro, kindly trim down the number of times you wash your hair with shampoo.
Three or four times a week is the recommendable number because you don’t want to rid your hair of its natural moisture due to moisturizing creams and products.

Protect you hair From Damage
It would be a shame to take all the necessary prerequisites of having a nice afro and you fail to protect your hair from damage. Cover your hair in harsh conditions, avoid excessive combing and curling, and braid it before sleeping so that it doesn’t lose shape or break by the time you wake up.

Eat Nutritiously
Hair has foods that keep it in shape and accord it an excellent look. In no particular order, proteins, fiber and good fat. Wondering what good fat is? Well, let’s call this the kind of fats found in avocados, almonds, dark chocolate and olive oil. Excessive sugar and alcohol are not good for hair and skin and these go hand in hand with a nice afro.

Sleep Some More
This is the best part. The workings of the body are not complex and your body heals it’s issues while you sleep/rest. People with insomnia often experience hair loss due to physical stress that causes the hair follicles to become weaker. Recommended rest time is 6-8 hours a night but if you find a chance to have random day time naps, go ahead

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