Social Media Kings: Abdul Sempijja, The Young Facebooker With Influence on the Ugandan Entertainment Scene

Facebook is still the most used social media platform in Uganda, regardless of the fast growth of Instagram, and the cult-ish users of Twitter. In light of that, for one to term themselves as an influencer in Uganda, it is only realistic if they command a huge audience on Zuckerbag’s app. Abdul Sempijja aka Omudilibada, is a new force to reckon with in the micro-blogging world.

Speaking of Ugandan Facebook, the biggest names you’d think of in a conversation about influencers would be diaspora-based Peng Peng, Kakensa Media and Ritah Kaggwa, who are all not in the same age bracket with Abdul and are technically not youths in a millennial’s point of view. At just 25, and in just 2 years on Facebook, the young man has made a name for himself, and many events promoters, musicians and filmmakers gladly pay for his services.

An avid supporter of Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Record Label, Mr. Sampijja doesn’t mix emotions with business, and is seen often posting about camps that are clearly rival to his favorite.

Omudilibada, which is a nickname his friends prefer to address him by, always reaches out to Ugandans to follow him “For breaking news, jokes, sensitization, motivation, promotion and marketing”; which he – face facts – delivers pretty decently.

Admittedly, it is not easy for a millennial to break through on that app, but with MTN’s affordable Pulse bundles, you too can make a living off social media like the flamboyant Abdul.

Social Media Queens: Bend the Knee and Meet Atim Charlotte from Twitter

Growing up, Atim dreamed of life as a journalist and worked passionately to become one. When she applied to do the course, she was denied the chance by her university of choice and her dream looked shattered then. But like any other success story, she didn’t give up. She took to social media and engaged in what we call online journalism because her passion had not died out despite the road block.
At the moment, Atim handles Public Relations (PR) for companies. She also has, with the help of MTN Pulse bundles, been involved in several online campaigns in PR and advertising that have ensured that she gets to practice something she has always been passionate about but missed a chance to study comprehensively. She is, by her standards, an established Social Media Strategist and to her, Twitter is not just a platform. It is a work station whose potential she hopes to tap for her own good.
The other interesting bit about Atim is that she has proudly shown off her man online. If you’re an avid user of the site, you’ll know that she is in a very open relationship and has on several occasions come out strongly in support of her man. If you say anything misinformed and ill about him, she will definitely teach you how to get your facts correct the next time. We will not mention his name here but the hint just goes on to tell you that for her, Twitter is not just an application. She’s a queen and the app is her realm whose interest she has sworn to defend.
Like you can see, her story is one of resilience and love for one’s passions even in the rise of so much negativity. She could easily have given up her journalism dream but instead when the front door was shut in her face, she marched on and entered using the back door and like they say, the end will justify the means.
In the next five years, Atim sees herself as an ambassador on Twitter and doing mostly philanthropic work. But before she cuts shift from PR and Advertising she plans to create her own business and use the platform to grow it. She has seen so many businesses grow with her input and been inspired to start her own and water it with the same water she watered the other businesses with.

“Hard Work And Resilience Got Me Where I am” – Arthur Musinguzi

Digital marketing is taking over the world. If you have any business, an event or organisation with no aspect of social media, you are being left behind. The generation of today has got a hold of the concept and has even started making money out of it. With a following of 13.5K, Arthur Musinguzi has become one of the biggest names on Ugandan twitter. We were able to get a hold of him and here is what he had to say;

How and when did you join the Digital marketing world?

Well, doing Digital Marketing was not an option for me, that is what I set myself out to do although I didn’t know how and when. Right from High School I was the guy you would always find in the computer laboratory. Only that I was young but one would be forced to mistake me for a Laboratory Attendant. I never imagined Social Media would be platforms that could employ people and me in particular in fact whenever people used to ask me what I wanted to become, I would tell them being an Astronaut like Arthur Lovell a former NASA astronaut but here we are.

At campus while many of my classmates were looking for whether to do Journalism or Communication, I already had my Plan to do Communication and indulge myself in Digital Marketing.


Aside from meeting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West last year, what do you have to thank social media for?

It’s through Social Media Marketing that I was able to pay my tuition at campus. It’s through these platforms that I have met awesome people that I have in my life right now. 80% of everyone I talk to daily was met online. I even met my landlord from Social Media.

I got all of my jobs because of having knowledge in Social Media Marketing, I repeat, all. I have worked for both local and International brands. Currently, I am a Communications Officer at the Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC), Ministry of Information Communication, Technology and National Guidance. Many may know me for the close to five years that I have worked with Uganda Media Centre.

What advice do you have for the youngins out there and other up coming social media influencers?

Many Social Media Influencers are given work by clients and play around with it. On the contrary as long as I have said ‘’yes’’ to a task a client has presented to me, I give it my best shot. That’s a rule for me and it has kept me consistent in this business. Secondly, I have very good interpersonal skills, most of the clients I have worked with can testify on that. That doesn’t mean I sensor myself to please anyone, I can also be very intentionally annoying. Very many people who follow me know that especially Arsenal fans know that. You will never find positive tweets or posts from me about Arsenal, never and if you are faint hearted, you will press ‘’unfollow.’’ You will never feel the impact of unemployment if you are in the digital space and taking it seriously. This is a sector where all young minds should be employed because there’s no competition from those advancing in age. I have used most of my time to mentor many but I can’t do it alone. I always feel glad when I see the likes of John Babirukamu and others teaching young people how to commercialize this space.

Where do we see Digitial Didan in the next couple of years? Will you still be in the Digital marketing world?

I’m told there’s a lot of money in farming especially growing trees. Much as I wouldn’t want to see myself out of the digital space, that’s an area I would like to venture in the coming years. Who knows, may be a digital famer and give some of you tips on how to join me there. However, for the next 20-30 years, God willing I’ll still be getting proficiency in digital marketing.

Twitter @digitialdidian

Social Media Queens: Meet Mutoni Etania, the Young Lass with Snapchat Game Better than Your Favorite Celebrities

Often times, when one talks about pretty girls and social media in the same sentence, the next question will be, “What’s her Instagram username?” followed by relentless sessions of stalking and double-tapping; which usually result in a shortage of soap and/or lotion. But when you talk of girls like Mutoni Etania, ‘Snapchat Queen’ is the closest synonym to accuracy, and you’d just have to add her on the yellow app, to enjoy a whole new dimension of social media.

Etania’s name first received immense attention when she incontinently jumped onto the stage and squeezed Nigerian Afro Beat star Wiz Kid in her little arms, wailing in rivers of tears, during his last show in Kampala. Lucky enough for the petite beauty queen, Star Boy understood her affection, and signaled his angry bouncers not to pounce at her for disrupting the show. Ever since then, the rest, as they say is history.

Don’t be duped by her innocent face and relatively short stature, Etania Star knows how to turn up like a pro, and gets more Snapchat views than most of your favorite Ugandan celebrities — yes you read that right!

It’s one thing wanting to follow all your favorite celebs, but it’s another when all your favorite celebs religiously follow someone else; someone you least expect; someone like Etania. Indeed she has gotten influential to the extent of being referenced on hit songs like “Bango” by Sweden-based rapper Rickman Manrick, and her posse is not uncommonly of famous people.

Standing tall at 19,557 and counting, @kingetania5 mastered the art of organic and natural social media influencing, and if you really need true young blood to rock your world, I can’t recommend anyone else.

Picture source: Instagram