Oscar Ntege, The Revolution of Ugandan Photography in a Name

Perhaps the best photography memory any average Ugandan youth has, is of those cameramen who come home once in a fortnight to deliver hard copy photographs with negatives attached to the back, and take new ones in the compound, asking everyone to say “Cheese” before the shutter clicked. Oscar Ntege, a 30 year old graduate of Bachelors of Industrial and Fine Art(photography option) from Makerere University, had a bold dream during his campus days, and even though he achieved it in full measure, he is now dreaming a little more.

With the financially challenging times at the Ivory Tower in Kikoni, a young, pint-sized Oscar juggled school and work rather wisely, by manning printers and delivering copies for big photography companies of the time, like MegaPix, for a small remuneration of 5000 shillings per day. He didn’t mind much about the money though, it was the knowledge that intrigued him.
“I was enjoying it all, being able to earn from what I study about in class before graduation. I didn’t mind much about the money.” He said.

Martha Kay shot by Oscar Ntege

After graduation, in an industry with market leaders that according to him, charged very low prices, Oscar set 3 wedding packages which undermined the industry’s 600k market price per wedding: they were at one, two and three million shillings each. The move of course looked so amateur and naïve, and many experienced photographers wrote him off, but he went on to survive and make over 200 Million shillings in just one year.
“Many ask me why I quit wedding photography initially, but like any artist, I got bored by doing it so much, and decided to try out another genre.” Oscar bragged.

Unbeknownst to him, the new genre he was to try out, would go on to make him the most famous fashion photographer of the generation in Uganda, and his nickname Celebrity Photographer, that he jokingly gave himself before, came to pass. Of course at the start, experienced photographers told him no one would pay a price as high as 300k for just 6 studio photos of their face, but to kid you not, almost all A-List Ugandan celebrities have stood in front of Oscar’s camera.
“I first shot Irene Ntale, Maureen Nantume, then more stars flooded the studio.” A braggart Ntege revealed.

Picture of Irene Ntale by Oscar Ntege

Sheebah Karungi, Stellah Nantumbwe, Pallaso, Spice Diana, Rema Namakula, Jose Chameleone, Mowzey Radio, B2C, Mugisha Muntu, Ykee Benda, Hamisa Mobetto, Pastor Robert & Jessica Kayanja, Martha Kay, Natasha Sinayobye, Judith Heard, Anitah Fabiola among other celebs have been shot by Oscar; and for a location shoot with him, he takes 1 Million Uganda Shillings, excluding makeup and stylist charges. Many of his customers love him for his charm when shooting, and flamboyant photo retouching skills.

Pastor Jessica and Robert Kayanja, picture taken by Oscar Ntege

His episodes of perfecting and getting bored of a genre have recently struck again, and despite all the fashion photography awards he has won, Oscar has decided to go back to wedding photography with Harusi Nzuri company, offering packages that include one of 30 Million Uganda Shillings. It is very ambitious indeed, but why doubt someone who has always disproved people with more experience than him?


To all the pulsers, this is for you to know that giving up on your dreams should never be an option and there’s no dream that is too ambitious.

Irene Ntale’s new love song “Enamba” premiered

On 29th January, the “Gukuba” crooner Irene Ntale premiered a video of her new gratifying love song titled “Enamba”

In the song, Irene praises and adores her lover by calling him her number one and promises to keep loving her soulmate everyday selflessly, “Baby i need you today, n’enkya tomorrow, baby i need you today, Monday to Monday” she said.

Enamba audio was produced by Dan Magic and Video directed by Pest.

Watch Enamba Video Here;


Pulse Photos: British-Nigerian Singer Maleek Berry livens up party goers at the 21st edition of Blankets and Wine.

British-Nigerian record producer and  singer Maleek Shoyebi very well known as Maleek Berry to his fans, graced the 21st edition of the famous Blankets and Wine which took place over the weekend at Lugogo Cricket  oval with an awe-inspiring performance at a fully attended event.

Revelers flocked the lugogo hang out place with all sorts of glamour and fashion enjoying a gently calming entertainment accompanied with drinks and edibles of their choice.

The former Swangz Avenue songbird gone sole, Irene Ntale was on the line up to stir up revelers’ moods with her electrifying music together with her meticulous live band concept, an hour earlier before the Sisi maria soloist Maleek Berry stepped on stage to OWN IT whilst enlivening party goers.

See Photos;

Irene Ntale during her performance

Maleek Berry

Naselow the Deejay

Deejay Roja

Photocredit: NelyTiez


PHOTOS: Irene Ntale’s Unchained Concert Sells Out

Songstress Irene Ntale on Friday evening put up an energetic performance at her first show of the year which was dubbed “Ntale Unchained”

The show which was staged at the Kampala Serena Hotel attracted a number of party goers most of whom have been the singer’s fans from since she started.

Being her first show since Ntale parted ways with her former record label Swangz Avenue, the attendance and the performances were beyond normal expectations of a stand alone artiste.

Ntale took the stage at exactly 10pm turning up the crowds with her hit songs including Gyobeela, Go down, Kateteyi among many others.

The party became even better when she sang her latest club banger Gukuba, a song which was the concert’s theme.

Prior to her performance, a number of curtain raiser artistes including  Lillian Mbabazi,Ray signature, Bebe cool and zulanda warmed up the house, setting the mood for the ‘vocalist with a guitar’

MTN Pulse was in the building to capture the moments of the historic concert and below, we sample you some pictures from the event.

NEW VIDEO: “Miss Kateteyi” by Irene Ntale – Watch Here!

While the fans are still enjoying her hit song “Stamina Daddy”, female Ugandan musician Irene Ntale has released a brand new video titled “Miss Kateteyi”.

Produced by fallen music producer Danz Kumapeesa, “Miss Kateteyi” is a zouk love song in which Irene Ntale recounts how her lover fell in love with her.

The song was written by Ugandan songwriter Yesse Oman Rafiki and the video was shot by Meddie Menz.

Watch it here: