Pulse WCW: Meet Isimbi Jojo, East Africa’s Pride in Canada

There is no second-guessing about how East Africa is naturally one regardless of the existing official borders. Isimbi Jojo, born from The Land Of A Thousand Hills, is doing great at being an ambassador of our great culture in North America’s nation of tranquility, Canada.

When you take a quick look through her Instagram, you quickly notice her passion for music by Amalon, Meddy and other Rwandan stars, lip-synching away in utter exuberance. She openly belts out music notes in her native tongue, and she is clearly grateful to The Almighty for her roots.

It shouldn’t be left unsaid that Jojo is an astonishing beauty, and she has a very daring and addictive fashion sense. This is probably one of the reasons why she has a loyal social media fan base. In just a few months of creating another Instagram account, Miss. Isimbi already boasts of over 11k followers, with her photos getting relatively higher traction for an account the size of hers.

The young sensation stands for equal rights for the oppressed among us, and her favorite scripture is Isaiah 10:1-2. You can keep up with Jojo’s latest updates on her Instagram @isimbi_jojo by using MTN Pulse Data Bundles that last 24 hours and comprise 50MB+200MB SWIFT. Simply dial *157*20#. Till then!