Kampala’s Best Reggae Theme Night “Jamrock Thursday” Turns 6

Today August 30, Reggae lovers will be looking forward to ending the month in style as kampala’s best reggae night theme ‘Jamrock’ celebrates 6 years of existence.

What started out as a party for a small section of people, has over the years emerged as one of the best reggae and dancehall nights in Kampala. Previously¬†at Iguana bar in 2012,¬† ‘Jamrock Thursdays’ theme has become a strong household name with a few hiccups especially with its home now being Valhalla Kampala (Lumumba Avenue).

Naselow and DJ Ciza as the hosts,have held it down for 6 great years and today they will be celebrating with other reggae fans.

Naselow and DJ Ciza, the Hosts of Jamrock Thursdays

The duo will behosting fellow deejays like Dj Aludah, DJ Kas Baby, DJ Slaughter Elly, Slick Stuart and Rodger, DJ LL, Captain Wabz and many more including some artistes for guest performances.

Speaking about the event via a phonecall, one of the Hosts assured MTNPulse that revelers tonight are going to enjoy 6 cakes, soothing reggae music and dancehall as a way to celebrate the day.