How MTN Pulse Has Aided Jeremiah Ainebyona’s Hustle

We pulsers are very creative in finding ways to make some “small small” money to enable us to survive. Some of us do not receive money from our parents so our survival is based on the hustles that we make. Jeremiah Ainebyona or Jerry Jones as many of you know him is a pulser who is making it big in the world of digital marketing. We met up with him to understand more about how MTN pulse has aided his hustle:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ainebyona Jeremiah although many people call me Jerry. I am a 22-year-old former student of MUBS hoping to graduate next January with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. I am also the head of digital at fine media. And lastly, a digital marketer.

So how has pulse helped you in hustle of influencing?

Well, first of all I met my current boss on twitter. He liked my content and that is how I joined Fine media as head of digital. I have been able to meet so many people of influence because of social media. My account has also been able to grow from scratch to a following of 16.3K people. All this would literally be impossible if not for my pulse bundles because to have a good experience on social media you need stable internet speed especially since i’m an influencer. I normally load a pulse weekly bundle by simply dialing *157# on my phone. Also, aside from influencing, I was able to do research at school to enable me to pass my exams.

What campaigns/events have you worked on?

At Fine media, we are the brand behind Evoke Night that happens on the last Friday of every month. We have been in Jinja, Mbarara and Kampala on several occasions. If I listed all the events and campaigns I have worked on it might take a day because I have been doing this for close to a year now.


Where do we see you in the next couple of years?

I majorly want to stay in marketing. Probably start my own marketing agency to groom other marketers, who knows. But it will surely be in marketing. I just want to live my best life doing what I love.

Any words for other pulsers?

Do not stop pushing even when hardships may come your way, keep pushing. What you post on your social media could  get you your next boss like it happened for me so mind the content you share.