Game Of Thrones Season Eight release date confirmed

If you’re an ardent fan of adventurous series, then you surely must have watched and enjoyed the Westeros style of battle in bitter cold and sails as an honour and sign of fidelity to the starks of Winterfell from season one to season seven of the most exhilarating Television Show “Game of Thrones”

Watch the teaser footage here;

But, what is in season eight and when is it premiering ?

After a one year break full of nostalgia and reminisces from the show lovers, the Game of Thrones season 8 which also doubles as the Final season, will be released on 14th April.

Conferring from the sneak peak of the footage released in January whilst re-connecting from the last episode of season 7, the final season of G.O.T is likely to have Sansa Stark, Robin Arryn, Edmure Tully, Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria Sand, Gendry, Samwell Tarly and Tyrion Lannister from House  Lannister all eyeing the Iron throne, but an extrapolation from show zealots fancies Jon snow to emerge as the true king of the seven kingdoms since he is believed to be the son of Lyanna stark from winterfell and Rhaegar from house Targarryen.

However, the official trailer hasn’t been released and this keeps the whole discussion about the final season open, with many theories being outed by fans who can’t wait to see their favorite characters taking over the crown in the final episode of the show.