Next Big Star: Meet Lus The Poet, The New Generation Spoken Word Poet Inspiring Peers

Groups like The Lantern Meet and Open Mic Uganda, gave mainstream spoken word poetry a pedestal in this country, at a time when only page poetry was the thing. With the advent of pioneers like Jason Ntaro and Peter Kagayi, it was a revolutionary start of something new, and the rise of other platforms like Kelele at Makerere, birthed new poetic talents like Lus The Poet.



The passionate romantic, who has shared stages with big names in the arts sector like Kenneth Mugabi, has had a very supersonic growth, both literary and as regards to performance. The once juvenile puppy love rhymes turned to super deep epics. Topics as diverse as depression, and even politics are now part of Lus’ works.

In his verse, the young artiste aims at evoking emotions regardless of the subject matter,
“All I can say is, I’m in love with poetry. It comes naturally, so I always desire to make an impact on the world with words.” He says.


I personally had a chance to witness Aziz perform poetry for his first time at Kelele about two years ago, and I can openly say, there is a lot that comes from following your dreams. He now has been on mega stages like Open Mic, Fun Factory, Evoke Night and many more. He uses his talent to traverse schools all over the country, to inspire more talented youths to embrace poetry.

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