Pulse Photos: What You Missed At Liquid Silk Bugolobi’s Silent Disco

As the American singer Kanye West together with his wife a renown reality television personality and socialite Kim Kardashian were feeling the breeze convoyed by the sight and sound of the wilderness at Chobe safari lodge in Murchison Falls National Park from where they were also having a panoramic view of the Nile river, party goers in Kampala were at the same time having a night out at Liquid Silk Bugolobi Silent Disco-Pineapple Edition that took place on October 13th at the Bugolobi based hangout spot.

The silent disco starred celebrity deejays on 3 channels like Deejay LL aka Mr Party Time, DJ Alza, DJ Nelly Sting,DJ Bryan,DJ LoLah, DJ Jeff,DJ faisal among others who got revelers rather in a fun and vibrant mood dancing to different well selected and flowing playlists but the highlight of the night was when Deejay LL got his hands on the ones and twos at 1am with an assortment of dope mixes that lure everyone in the building into tuning to the red channel.

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