PULSE WCW: Instagram Model Tracy Tash On Modelling And Her Mission To Show Black Girls’ Worth

If you’re familiar with Instagram,you must have seen her somewhere by now, either on magazine cover pages or on various Instagram fashion pages. Tracy (t.r.e.y.c.t.a.s.h¬†on Instagram) is a fast rising Ugandan model with a signature thick body that fashion brands, cosmetic shops,boys and fellow girls all adore in similar portion.

A student pursuing a bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance at Kyambogo University, Tracy Kyasiimire, the 22 year old has featured in Fashion and Style magazines from all over the continent and is a brand ambassador for Glitz by Nalu – a boutique in Kampala.

Tracy has not been a model for long, she only started this year in March and without a doubt, Her discovery story is almost similar to Justin Beiber’s, whose manager had been having a tour of the internet and he¬†auspiciously landed on the little boy singing on YouTube. As luck would have it, Tracy had been minding her business online until she was spotted and realized she could be a gem in the modelling industry and as the popular adage goes, ‘the rest is history’ as Tracy is now enjoying her life as a model.

In an interview with MTNPulse, when asked about what she thinks makes her special in the modeling game, we guessed she would say her body since models are famously or rather infamously known for being slender thin and irregular with meals. But we were up for a surprise;
“I did not go to modelling school or training” she said.
“I guess mine is just a natural thing and easy to relate with by all people out there” she added.

Her goal is to prove to the world that black is beautiful and to crash the mentality that to be a successful model, you must either be slim or light skinned. According to her, you don’t have to be light to feel or be beautiful and that there is a lot that melanin can do.
“If you are doubting, watch me.” she said with a grinning face.

Like any other model out there, Tracy gets a tonne of stalkers. She wasn’t comfortable discussing the extremities some of them have gone to, trying to capture her attention but she said it is one of her greatest challenges. The other one being the usage of her photos without her endorsement.
“My name and photos are being used for bar posters, hips enlargement adverts and several other commercials that I don’t authorize” she added

As a model, She looks up to a time when copyright laws will be very much adhered to in the nation and people’s privacy respected. Then, she believes, the environment shall be safe for business and personal development.