Hakuna Matata: Disney’s The Lion King Scores the Highest Sales for a Remake

Disney has been high flying this year. With their Marvel make, Avengers: End Game finally displacing Avatar from the highest grossing movie of all time slot, Aladin just over a billion now and still scoring and June’s Toy Story also a few hundred millions short of the billion mark, The Lion King is what they need to rejoice all the way to the bank.
The star studded remake of an animation that’s not new to us, The Lion King brings out real life wild animals voiced by several characters including Beyonce, Donald Glover, and Seth Rogen.
It tells the story of how Simba defies odds set by his evil uncle Scar to claim his throne after his father and blah blah.
What’s interesting about it however is the digitization of the wild to make it so real, the funny characters and conversation in Timon and Pumbaa and the music on that The Gift album by Beyonce and several other contributors.
The Lion King is not a movie I would like to spoil for you because I want you to stay with that tingly feeling until you finally watch it.
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