Next Big Star: Meet Lynda Ddane the Bubbly Comedienne With a Unique Craft

Uganda has come a long way with diversifying genres and avenues of comedy, and when Martha Kay started up with the social media video sketches, some thought it was just a craze that would fade away in no time. But as things turn out, we have witnessed another force to reckon with in that sphere. Kampala’s Kigali girl, Lynda Ddane has expanded social media comedy to horizons Martha hadn’t explored, and also, she is now an On Air Personality on the big screen.

I don’t know about you, but I personally believe that anyone who can manage to land a joke in only 60 seconds or less, is not only talented but a genius. Lynda’s juxtaposition of witty and dark humor into her art keeps people smiling in the saddest of times, and her sophisticated jesting on political topics makes her craft even more appealing.

Lynda’s modeling career too is an inspiration to many young girls who would like to be “the girl in the magazine”, and she does it both commercially and digitally. She is also an East Africa Community travel ambassador.

All these self-induced achievements lured NTV into making her one of the presenters of their The Beat music show, and the talented beauty hasn’t done anything but impress; one month down the road.

Anyway I don’t want to be here all singing Miss Ddane’s praises without letting you know how to witness everything on your own. Watch her show every weekday on NTV via StarTimes, by dialing *165*4*7# to buy MTN TV bundles or you could enjoy her funny videos on instagram with the pulse bundles by checking her out @lynda_ddane.