All You Need to Know About Microblading

Drawing eyebrows has become a trend that each and every girl is engaging in to give their faces an edgy look but do you know that you can get an eye brow tattoo and forget about the hustle of drawing eye brows? The eye brow tattoo is gotten by microblading.

Microblading is done by creating a semi-permanent tattoo on the eyebrows. It is done by someone who has skill and is also accurate with what they are doing because any slight mistake can cause you to have uneven eye brows.


The advantage of microblading is that it saves time. You do not have to draw your eye brows each time you want to wear makeup. For girls we know that it takes time to perfect eye brows so now imagine not having to draw them at all because they are already perfect? Did i mention that it can be done by guys too?

Secondly and importantly, your eye brows will stay looking good without make up on. This is because they are permanent and not even water can wash them off. Even early in the morning, you can freely sing “I woke up like this…”

There are many people in Uganda who do microblading and it costs about 270 dollars which is equivalent to a million Uganda shillings only. And before you think that it is so expensive it lasts for a year. So imagine not drawing your eye brows for that long. Get yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and read more about microblading and you will be tempted into doing it. It is worth a try for all adventurous pulsers.

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