Meet Ashley Mbabazi, a Pulser Running For Miss Uganda UK

Probably a few inches away from the Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant, just a short distance away from it lies the Miss Uganda United Kingdom (UK) Pageant. The latter has grown over the years to a point that it is almost as big as the pageant back here at home.

It has attracted so many Ugandans living in the UK who are genuinely nostalgic about their country and love to carry her flag in the land of our former colonial masters. This year, a Pulser (Ashley Mbabazi) is competing for the crown.

She is a second year student of Accounting and Finance who believes Uganda is the best home place on the Universe and that she (the country) deserves every attention there is.

“I come to Uganda every year and a half because I really love home. I don’t think I can go two years without coming” Mbabazi told MTN Pulse.

“The people are so fun and outgoing. Everyone loves to party and having a good time. And then the food, oh my God! But I also love Uganda because my family is there and I can’t go long time without connecting with and seeing them.” She added.

Mbabazi is part of a charity in Uganda called Ffena Tujunne that works on ensuring that children with disabilities are confident and know they can be anything they want to be in life. According to her, once she wins the pageant, she plans to use the platform to continue empowering the children but on a bigger scale.

She is a youth leader at her local church group in the UK called Uganda Croydon Catholic Community where young people are taken through activities that promote their culture and heritage like traditional dances and others such as peeling matooke and cooking Ugandan foodstuff.


“I would like to continue working on African heritage by creating more engagement for the Ugandan youths to get to know their culture. I want to do this country over.”

Mbabazi is a Pulser and has engaged in a number of Pulse activities and events because she believes her age group (youths) are in such places and she loves connecting with them.

You can vote for her to be Miss Uganda UK using their official website or through this link it is important to note that voting runs till 25th September and you can only vote once in every 24 hours. We wish her all the best.

Senior six Vacist takes the Crown for Miss Pulse 2019

After a technical error in announcing the results for Miss Pulse, the Miss Uganda foundation together with MTN Uganda have finally cleared the air and announced Bronnie Divine Kusiima as the Miss Pulse 2019. The Miss Pulse category was formerly known as Miss Popularity and the winner is the person who has the highest number of public votes from the voting that happens on the MTN Pulse microsite and on the Miss Uganda app. Bronnie was able to take the award with a total of 15,971 votes.

Bronnie who was contestant number 16 is not only Miss Pulse but also doubles as Miss Sports 2019. She also happened to be the youngest contestant in this year’s Miss Uganda pageant. Clearly, nothing can stop this young lady. She is fierce and ambitious and won’t let anything stop her from achieving what she believes in and that is probably why she was able to walk away with two awards from the competition.

On top of being the face of MTN Pulse, she will be joining Makerere University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She believes that she will be able to juggle the two with the help of God. She hopes to be able to give her very best to everyone who voted for her so as not to let them down.

When she run for Miss Uganda, her aim was to create an environment for multi-talented youth as an extra package to education. This is something she hopes to achieve during her reign as Miss Pulse and Miss Sports, 2019.

She clearly defines what a pulser should be and as pulsers we should be ready to support her in her reign. Buy a pulse data bundles and follow her on her social media and see her rise as Miss Pulse.

Instagram/Twitter : @modelballer11

Facebook :Bronnie Divine Kwehangana

Meet the Lady Behind Miss World’s Dress at the Miss Uganda Finale 2019

Miss Uganda this year was the definition of a Glitz and Glamour event. The guests and the contestants brought out their A fashion game for the beauty pageant. To make it even more special, this year’s Miss Uganda was graced with the presence of Miss World 2018; Vanessa Ponce De Leon. Miss world was in the country for 6 days touring the different regions and sealed off her visit with officiating the Miss Uganda event.


Miss world’s gown for the Miss Uganda grand finale was styled by Ugandan celebrity stylist; Christine Akello also known as Tinah Brad.


Tinah Brad


The champagne coloured dress was inspired by the gomesi which is a traditional attire for many traditions in Uganda. It was a blend of modernity and the tradition of the people in Uganda.



The gown had notifiable sleeves that were short and puffed just like the traditional ‘gomesi’. Tinah brad added an off shoulder element to give it the modernity feel. It also had an inner garment just like the ‘gomesi’ has a ‘kikooyo’ and to wrap it all up was a belt to represent the sash that is used on the ‘gomesi’. Tinah Brad said that she wanted the Miss world to grace the event in an attire that is not only elegant and fashionable but also has a touch of tradition.



Aside from Miss World’s gown, Tinah Brad also dressed all the contestants in all the beautiful gowns that they wore at the finale.


The sky is the limit for Tina and we will probably see her style many big celebrities not only in Uganda but also abroad. Get yourself a pulse bundle by dialing *157# and follow Tinah Brad and Tinah Brad store both Instagram and Facebook respectively and see more of her work.

Pulse WCW: Miss Uganda 2018/2019 Runner-Up Patience Martha, a Beauty Queen Since Childhood

On Friday, Uganda will have a fresh beauty queen to fit in the very big shoes that Quinn Abenakyo is leaving behind. Whenever we get a beauty queen, she takes most of the lime light and we sadly almost forget the wonderful personalities and beauty queens that miss the big crown.

Patience Martha Aheebwa, a graduand in waiting at Makerere University was the second runner up in last year’s pageant. She is our Woman Crush today because unlike her predecessors, she refused to let the narrow chance to take the full crown define her.

Beauty pageants have not been a new thing to her. As a student in high school, Aheebwa was the Mirinda Miss Teen and since then, she has not looked back. Last year she was also the Miss Western Uganda and represented beauty queens from that region.

She used her crown as second runner up to champion charity in Western Uganda especially girls’ education and well being where she spearheaded outreach sessions to schools in the region and inspired young girls to stay in school if they’re to ever make themselves some gainful purpose on this competitive earth.

At the moment, she is among the panel of judges that are traversing the country in search of this year’s Miss Teen and she didn’t leave her inspiration figure behind. As a former Miss Teen herself, Aheebwa seeks to ensure that the teenage pageant is able to shape young bright girls that will later represent the nation in future beauty pageants.

At only 20 years, Aheebwa has inspired girls younger and older than her without any discrimination. Her Instagram handle is @_patiencemartha. Load MTN Pulse data bundles by dialling *157# and connect with her on this journey of transformation of the girl child.

Gloria Nawanyaga’s Inspiring Pursuit of the Miss Uganda Crown as a Young Girl Living With HIV

Stigma against HIV/AIDS patients and victims in Uganda has always been one of the most shameful acts from the beloved Pearl of Africa. As patients would be discriminated against by their own family, to the extent of fearing to share cutlery with them, it made the eradication of the scourge harder. Ignorant beliefs that the Syndrome was a work of witchcraft, were first publicly quashed by The legendary Philly Bongole Lutaaya, and ever since then, the rest has been history.

Over 3 decades after The Late Sweden-based, Ugandan musician made his declaration of having HIV at the most complex of times; beauty queen Gloria Nawanyanga, 23, a Law student at Uganda Christian University, has defied the standards set by society, and could become Miss Uganda 2019.

Even though there’s YPlus Beauty Pageant, which happens among people living with HIV, there has not been a contestant of Miss Uganda that was HIV positive during the contest and revealed it to the public. Gloria, who got to know she was born with the virus at the tender age of 11, aims to prove that having HIV isn’t the end of life, and shouldn’t hinder anyone from achieving their goals.

“I’m contesting for Miss Uganda 2019 to encourage all people living with HIV” quoth she.

The Ugandan Twitter community through hashtag #Gloria4MissUG2019 has professed it’s support to the activist, who vows to start a project to help those with HIV get better medical care, since she believes that beauty starts with being healthy.