Pulse Fashion Tip: How to Mint Money From Doing Makeup

If there is one thing older people make fun of about the youths, it is the fact that we often complain about not having capital to start our own businesses, but fail to answer the simple question of; “what business idea do you have, and how much money do you need?” Makeup artistry is one trade whose profitability hasn’t been fully taken advantage of by many youths, who could actually be great at it, and this blog is to give you an idea on how to pull it off.
First off, you don’t need more than 500,000 UGX to get a good quality makeup kit to start with. Buying the stuff online from Amazon or authentic eBay sellers through Ugandan shipping agents like Masikini, Bazebo and UG Unlocked will be a wise idea; even though it might be intimidating at first. If you don’t mind the uncertainty of getting the quality you didn’t expect, you can buy the kit locally. If you are on a really tight budget, it is imperative to start with the most essential things you need: a set of brushes, a primer, foundation, concealer and beauty bender, highlights and contour palette, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara.
The next step, before you even think of going out to mint some cash, is to practice. Things like applying eyeliner, which might look easy when done by a pro, might take you hours to do perfectly; and practice goes a long way in helping you achieve perfection. Many rely on YouTube tutorials for learning, but I would advise you to choose those that concentrate on dark complexion, since majority of your customers in Uganda will have that. It is also important to know different styles of makeup that work for different age groups. Your friends will be guinea pigs on your path to great precision.
Get dedicated social media profiles for your business. You don’t have to create a new Instagram account just for makeup though. Your old personal account can do the trick, as long as you delete all photos that don’t communicate your makeup business, and start with a clean slate. Also, follow popular makeup artists to see how they have done it. Mona Faces, Faith Presh, Nahya Glam, Hotsmitten aka Peter Russel and others will always keep you motivated with their great work.
One bonus trick is to do a collaboration with a good photographer and model to get promotional pictures you’ll post and boost to give your brand visibility. If you follow these directions patiently, there is no reason why you won’t be able to mint good shilling from your new business. Parties, photoshoots, events and weddings never end, so you are assured of clients if you do great work.
In today’s businesses, it’s important to always ask clients to confirm bookings with a cash consideration, which can be sent via MTN Mobile Money because more often than not, people prefer to move cashless for safety. Those were the free tips, so good luck on your new discovery.
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