Tribute To Mowzey Radio by Pearl Elisabeth Kitimbo

On 25th January, 1985 the world welcomed a gifted singer and song writer in names of Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo prevalently known to many as Mowzey Radio. Moses attended his education level from Kibuye Primary School, Lake view Wanyange and Kira college Butiki for his secondary education and later pursued a bachelor’s of Psychology from Makerere University where his music career sort of started out.

Radio had his first success in 2005 with his song Jennifer, and from then he worked closely with Douglas Sseguya alias Weasel to form a what is still known as the best duo to have lived in Uganda’s music industry like bread and butter. Radio and Weasel started out as backup singers for Chameleon in Leone Island. However as time went on, the two left Leon Island for reasons only known to them, but they had the ability to break away and form the Goodlyfe crew.

Nakudata was their first song as a duo and it introduced the two to the Ugandan scene. The song was followed by Ngamba among others that saw the two remaining at the top of the Ugandan music industry. In the 2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards), the duo was able to scoop away three awards. Zuena took the best Afro beat single award, Nakudata took the song of the year award and lastly Radio and Weasel had the award for best new artists. It was at this moment that Ugandans acknowledged that these two did not come to play but to stay around in business.

Just like any other duo, Radio and weasel had contro‐ versies again and again (neera neera). People believed that at a point they would finally break up and go into solo careers. Fortunately for the music lovers and fans, the bond between them was magnetic and they were able to with stand all the storms and fire and continued doing music together. In May 2013, we were able to see the great potential of this duo. They were nominated for the category of Best international artist, Africa. This was a great achievement for them and it saw the duo having collaborations with many international artists. Even up to date international music channels play their music.

Bad fate

On 22nd January 2018, the nation received a not so romantic call. Radio was involved in a bar fight from where his clock started tickling to the 11th hour of his career and life. The conspiracy theories about the fight rotate around alcohol (Omwenge) because gutamiza, and others believe it was a staged incident to end his life. At the time of his death, he was given a five-star treatment at Case clinic. Many people contributed to his medical bills including the president of Uganda. However, he passed away on the morning of 1st February. Since then people have wrapped themselves in lesuz crying and mourning his death. The masses of people that attended his vigil and burial were so overwhelming an indicator that Moses was a darling to many.

To all fellow mourners, don’t cry but rather celebrate the life of the great soldier that walked and lived on our soils. Radio, where you’re I hope you know that Ugandans love you and your death left a great gap in the music industry. Your voice was magical and sweet like kuku. We will always remember you and even the generations to come will hear about the legend that once lived. Rest in Peace!

Tribute by: Pearl Elisabeth Kitimbo

Twitter: @PearlElisabeth

Guest Writer