Running Tips for Beginners and Inconsistent Runners

Jogging/ running is a very healthy activity. Recommended by health and fitness experts world over. However, for beginners and people that don’t do it consistently, jogging/running can be a very extreme sport.

As you prepare to take part in the MTN Marathon on November 24th, 2019, you might have to go through a few essentials if you have not engaged in running for a long time.

Medical Check-Up

Firstly, get an appointment with your doctor and have a thorough check up for any complications that may affect your running or be affected by your running.  Share your running plans and goals to attain fitness with your doctor and have him/her assess you for any potential health issues. Tell him/her about any previous sicknesses or injuries for him to plan ahead and advise you accordingly.

Comfortable Running Gear

The MTN Marathon this year has upgraded the running kit to entail a very comfortable vest and a phone holder. At least your mental stability is sorted with the safety of your phone, but you need very comfortable running shoes. If your shoes are too old, consider replacing them too because worn out shoes can cause physical injuries.

Walking Breaks

Like we have already noted, for beginners and people that have not run in a long time, kindly be considerate of your well being. The Marathon isn’t too competitive for you. Even if you come last, it is okay. The goal is to help maternal health care in the country.

Walking breaks are good for you to attain your stability. Once the running becomes intense and you can barely hold your breath, walk a bit. When you regain size-able consciousness, you can resume the running. Don’t excessively tire yourself.

Running is a very wonderful exercise and it can do you a great deal in burning excess body fat and keeping your muscles flexible and healthy. With the MTN Marathon, you can maintain fitness and help the health sector while at it. Dial *165*77# today to register for the MTN Marathon at only Shs 23,000 on MTN MoMo.

MCM: Meet H2C Dancer, Denis Ntembe Who Is Using Dance To Create Change

Dance is a way we can communicate a lot of things and for Dtrix, dance is something that he is very passionate about. Denis Ntembe aka Dtrix Parker 14 is a professional dancer with a popular dance group in town called H2C which stands for Here 2 Change.

Dtrix and his two friends David and Cedric have used their talent of dance to inspire very many pulsers to use their passion and talents to build brands. If you have watched Beenie Gunter and Skales’ Olina Work, they are the dancers in the video. They have also danced in videos for Judith Babirye, Voltage music, Ykee Benda, David Lutalo and the list goes on and on. H2C has also gone ahead to hold dance classes to the public every Friday at Fitness Junction at a fee of only 20,000shs.

For Dtrix, dance is everything to him.  It helps him express his emotions, thoughts and feelings. Although he studied Development Economics, he has chosen to take his talent and passion for dance to the next level. He has collected a number of awards from dancing at the TUM awards 2017, Krump winner 2016 and 2019 and he was also the Krump UG 1 on 1 face off Winner in 2016.

To the pulsers who love to dance, Dtrix encourages you to create a balance between education and your passion. Once your grades look good, your parents will surely support you to take on your passion.

To see more of Dtrix and H2C dance, you can load a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and following them on their social media pages. Be sure to also attend their dance fitness classes every Friday at Fitness Junction as you prepare for the MTN marathon that will be happening on the 24th of this month.

Instagram: h2c_dance

Twitter Behavior That Could Have Your Account Suspended

Social Media is our go to place in whatever situation, at least for this generation. If you’re happy, you’ll login somewhere and express your happiness. You’ll do the same for when you’re sad, want to be alone, bored and name any other mood.

It is therefore very sad and near depressing when you lose your account, on say Twitter, over a suspension that you could have avoided.


Mass Following

When Twitter was founded in 2006, it didn’t have many rules. You could wake up and follow whoever you want, but with constant upgrades and to make the platform safe to use, Twitter capped the number of people you can follow in a day at 1000. If you ask me, that is still so high. What business do you have following 1000 people at once? Yes, having a following is good but that number is still high. Now, one of the fastest ways to get your account suspended is violating that term of use.

If your account is suspended for aggressive following behavior, there is a remedy. Send an email or contact the support team and tell them that you have read and understood the Terms Of Service and will never perform such acts again. You may be pardoned.

The Violent Threats Policy

Twitter seeks to become a safe platform for use by anyone and as such, they are deeply interested in safety of users from violence and/or harm. The violent threats policy can be violated in four forms that Twitter has so far highlighted.

Threatening to kill someone, threatening to sexually assault someone, threatening to commit an act that may kill or physically harm someone and offering or requesting for an incentive to harm someone will have you suspended.


Let us remember also, that Twitter is just an app and their algorithm may have some flaws. That way, you may be suspended for light statements that would otherwise have just passed. For instance, saying “I will kill you for retweeting that spoiler” which isn’t usually intended for harm or violence and in such a situation, you can appeal the suspension and you will be considered. Otherwise, your account will be permanently suspended.

In the past, we have seen colleagues get suspended for threatening harm on themselves. Tweeting suicide intent violates the policy also and can have you suspended.

The discussion about what could get you suspended on Twitter is really a long one and can’t be exhausted in one day. In the next post on the topic, we shall discuss some three other policies which when violated can get you suspended.

For now, remember November has started today and it only means one thing – The MTN Marathon. Get prepared to run for purpose on the 24th of November as we aim to raise funds to help better the state of maternal health care in the country. Dial *165*77# to register on MTN MoMo at only Shs 23,000. The Marathon is sponsored by MTN Uganda with partners; Stanbic Bank, Huawei, New Vision and Rwenzori.

Reasons Why Running Is A Beneficial Exercise For Every Youth

Have you ever participated in any marathon, race or jogging exercise?  Are you one that despises running and never tries? Perhaps it’s because you do not know the benefits of it. There are several importances of exercising some of which you might or might not know. As the MTN Marathon draws close, we would wish for every pulser to partake of the benefits that are in running. Here are some gathered for you;

Let’s say the overall importance of running is associated with health benefits. But isn’t that what life is about? Healthy living? Let me break down the health importance too. Running builds our overall mental health. The brain is the central processing unit of our bodies therefore it is paramount to keep it healthy.


Did you know that running also helps prevent high blood pressure? This has for long been one of the diseases claiming people’s lives but it can be avoided. While running you arteries are doing a mini exercise by expanding and contracting hence keeping them fit. This in turn maintains your blood pressure in a normal range. Having weight problems? This should be one of your friendliest exercises. When you run, it is more than true that you will burn calories. Interesting to note is that the more you burn, it makes you hungry. So this should be where you choose to eat healthy.

Many of us do not know how to handle and manage stress. Stress comes along with a number of health and mood problems some of which may include lack of appetite and insomnia. But the good news is running helps you release excess hormones and bad energy. When you are depressed the last thing you would want to think about is running. But this could be the only medicine left for you to heal.

One other thing that is most certainly true is that running not only has physical and health benefits. It also helps to build our confidence. During a running exercise, we emit a lot of bad energy and this in turn is replaced with positive energy which builds confidence levels.

Lastly, show me a better way to bond with friends than over a fun activity such as a marathon . I will wait.

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Ushs One Billion raised from the 2018 MTN Marathon

MTN Uganda today announced that the 2018 MTN Marathon Season has raised UShs 600 million to go towards the improvement of maternal health. The MTN Foundation announced its contribution of an additional Ushs400m to total Ushs 1 Billion in proceeds, in celebration of 20 year anniversary of MTN in Uganda. This is the highest amount ever raised from the 15-year legacy of the MTN Marathon.

The successful implementation of three inaugural regional marathons in Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara on top of the MTN Kampala Marathon was noted as a contributing fact to the growth of the Marathon to an event of national stature.

“We would like to thank all that participated in the MTN Marathon Season that took place in November 2018. This was the first time we took the MTN Marathon beyond Kampala to two more regions. The participation was impressive as Ugandans came together and have raised money for the improvement of maternal health. That is the power of connections,” says Wim Vanhelleputte the MTN CEO during the announcement of the proceeds the Stanbic Uganda headquarters, Crested Towers.

There were over 30,000 people that participated in the MTN Marathon Season 2018 including several first timers and elite runners. The regional marathon generated excitement as numbers for a first-time event seemed rather overwhelming.

At the main MTN Kampala Marathon, the revised and improved route meant improved times and a better running experience for elite runners, fun runners and marathon enthusiasts. About Ushs140m was spent on prize money for the MTN Marathon Season.

The MTN Marathon proceeds will be shared equally by five regions – Central, North, East, West and South West – with focus on health centres in the region. In another first, each of the partners of the MTN Marathon will be responsible for implementation of a project in a specific region.

“In order to involve all our partners in the implementation process, we made the decision that each partner takes ownership of a project in each region. We did this in order to involve partners beyond just participate beyond just sponsoring the main event,” Vanhelleputte added.

Region/District Implementing Partner
North (Gulu District) Stanbic
East (Mbale District) Vision Group
West (Hoima) MTN, UAF & Spedag
Central Huawei
South West (Mbarara) Rwenzori


The MTN Marathon Season was made possible by several partners including Stanbic Bank, Huawei, Rwenzori Bottling Company, The Vision Group, Spedag Interfreight and Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF).


Stanbic Bank

Speaking at the press briefing, Patrick Mweheire – Stanbic Bank’s Chief Executive said: “We are delighted that the efforts from all partners and the public has raised a significant amount of UGX 1 Billion to improve maternal health in Uganda. Maternal Health is an area that requires the much-needed support and attention especially for women in rural areas who face multiple barriers to accessing critical routine and lifesaving maternal health care. We’re also excited to be a part of the implementation of the projects in the regions and as Stanbic, we look forward to seeing how our efforts will support the maternal health initiatives in Northern Uganda. Stanbic remains a long-term partner in the MTN Marathon as we continue to support social investment initiatives that transform lives and communities in Uganda.”

 Last year, Stanbic Bank contributed UgShs 250 Million towards the MTN Marathon.


Huawei contributed Ugshs 250 million and was also represented by over 200 staff who took part in the marathon to make maternal health better in Uganda, and we continue to look forward to this opportunity so that we can continue to give back to Uganda.  We are honored to partner with MTN for this cause and we highly appreciate them for creating such an excellent platform for our staff and the organisation to participate in impactful, Corporate Social Investments.” – Liu Jiawei, Huawei Managing Director.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda

 Speaking at the ceremony, Flavia M. Nabaasa, the Business Development & Commercialization Director at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda said;

“We commend all the partners for the outstanding performance. This partnership is a classic example of what we can achieve when we combine private sector expertise and resources to collaborate with government in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. At Coca-Cola, we pride ourselves in creating impactful partnerships which ultimately benefit the communities in which we operate. In 2018, through our brand, Rwenzori pure Natural Mineral Water, we contributed; 150M UGX towards the Marathon both in cash and in kind; Plastic collection awareness to participants; Collected 254 kgs of plastic and 300 employees participated in the marathon”