Pulse Tech: Why Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers are the In thing

Watches are evolving with time, you probably ditched that “disco” watch with 4 digits on the screen when you left primary or lower secondary. You wore a traditional analog or better looking digital watch, but that isn’t cool enough for 2019.


Smart watches and fitness trackers seem to be the in thing for millennials around the world. Smart watches are the more sophisticated watches that let you see notifications, respond to messages, take photos, track your heart rate or sleep and some let you make phone calls.


Smart watches include the pricey Apple Watch, Galaxy watch, Gear 360, LG smart watch and more. These tend to be bigger and more advanced than fitness trackers, you will see you favorite celebrities and trendy people donning them.


Fitness trackers are the smaller, more lean and less flashy and more affordable versions of smart watches. Their main goal is to track your fitness activities, read your heart rate. Phew, they also tell time too, you just have to lift it and the tiny screen glows to show you the time.


Fitness trackers and smart watches are an ideal accessory for the modern pulser because they connect to your phone via Bluetooth and add functionality.


They let you answer or ignore phone calls without your phone ringing. No weird ringtones in lecture rooms.If you like hanging out in noisy or crowded places like concerts or hangouts, you can always get a notification, message or phone alert even when your phone is in a handbag, pocket or charging at the DJ booth.


You can style up your smartwatch or fitness trackers by buying straps that match your outfit. You won’t be able to change the screen but you can always buy one with interchangeable straps.


There are various smart watches in the market with some cheap, affordable and expensive versions but here are my recommendations; Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or Mi Band 3 which range from 150 to 200K. A Fitbit is slightly pricey at $150 and if your wallet is well blessed Apple Watch and Gear 360 start at $200.


Before you buy one, just check or google the specifications to make sure it’s compatible with the smartphone you are using.


These smart watches are now easy to find and purchase. In fact you can use MTN MomoPay to buy one on Jumia for as low as 60,000/- and have it delivered to your doorstep.