Pulse Photos: What You Missed At MTN Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival In Jinja

Thousands of people from all over the world that turned up to have the weekend of their lives at Nile Discovery Beach were regaled with various musical performances from over 100 acts on different stages. The dead spirit and party animals within people arose to the beats. The party all day all night long disposition was everyone’s share at the moment as there was a lot to drink and eat with a major camper’s experience at the outskirts of the grounds and the experience was lived to its full meaning.

Nyege nyege being the biggest 4-day international music festival in East Africa, very Akin to USA’s Coachella, people traveled from all over the world to have this experience with Ugandans and still hopeful for what next year brings.

Here is how it went down through the lens of Kab Derrick;

All your favorite drinks were available

Food Trucks were also in every corner

Networking and Interacting with new friends was the order of the day

Showcasing of Art pieces

Party goers enjoying their nights out

Revelers at Nyege Nyege

XFM’s Denzel at the Pineapple Garden

It was all fun and games at Nyege Nyege

BET Winner Eddy Kenzo also came through for the Nyege Nyege experience

That moment when Nyege Nyege spirits took over


Pulse Videos: Pulsers setting fun trends at the MTN Nyege Nyege festival

Select Pulsers from Ghana and Uganda who are passionate and loyal to the MTN Pulse platform might have this year’s Nyege Nyege festival imprinted in their hearts,thanks to the Pulse Experience they have been subjected to. The group that hit Jinja in style aboard a customized MTN Pulse tour bus, have headlined all the fun activities at the four day festival.

The Ugandan Pulsers were joined by counterparts from the west African nation of Ghana who purposely visited Uganda to be a part of the festival.

VIP Pulsers on their way to Jinja For the MTN Nyege Nyege Festival on Thursday.

As a point of interest, Pulsers have their own crib “Pulse Village”  singled out of the other lot where their tents are laid out and from where the piece of mind and body takes place after a long day of partying.

Speaking to MTNPulse about the experience, one of the VIP Pulsers Jeremiah Ainebyoona said “I don’t know if I will ever have such an experience in my life again. I have had so much fun, yet it is just day two. Thank you MTN Pulse!” 

VIP Pulsers at MTN’s Area Code “Wild Bae”:

Born out of an act of sheer collective madness in the rainy season of 2015, the MTN Nyege Nyege Festival is now considered the most important 4-day international music festival in East Africa for its one of a kind curation and its unique afropolitan party vibe.
Revellers from allover the world have camped in the eastern district of Jinja on the banks of river Nile to, as modern youths in Uganda say, eat life very well.

In the videos here, we summarize the activities that involved an all expenses paid boat cruise with all drinks and power DJs aboard and they got the best views of the glorious Nile river.

VIP Pulsers at the Floating Party on the boat hosted by Mush MC

Highlights from the festival as of Saturday.

Pulse Photos: Top Deejays Thrill Party Goers at MTN Nyege Nyege Festival

The music festival which began Thursday, featured a number of industry thought Deejays and performances from dozens of artists on Friday. The dynamic Deejaying duo of Slick Stuart and Roja, thrilled revelers in the afternoon hours at the Main stage putting the Nyege Nyege party goers in the mood dancing to the beats all day long.

At 9pm, the Party would get levels higher when The Real Crowd Pleaser alias DJ Ciza and DJ Jo set their hands on the “Ones And Twos” with great music selections exciting fans at Eternal Disco stage. While at it, NTV Uganda’s DJ Bryan was playing at the Bell Jamz stage alongside performances from the “Kola Nabino” crooner Ceaserous.

We have pictures;

Revelers at Main stage

MTN Area code “Wild Bae”

Nyege Nyege party goers

Celebrities at the event “Gaetano”

XFM’s Denzel

Sky view of the Wild Bae

Lady Black Panther

Party goers

Pulsers playing games at Nyege Nyege



Pulse Photos: Day one at MTN Nyege Nyege Festival

Thursday 6th, the first day of the festival, a number of people jetted in from all the corners of the world including Pulsers from Ghana who joined their fellow counterparts in uganda for the pulse treat at Nyege Nyege in the Pulse village with whom they will experience a weekend out on the shores of the Nile.

Like any other dope day, the party started at exactly 8pm with different stages playing different genres of music but according to many, the Bell Jamz Area Code was the highlight of the night with its Awesome DJz on set who kept most Thursday revelers dancing to the tunes and cheering up the night.

Here is how it went down on day one of the four day festival;

Revelers at the Bell Jamz Area Code

Revelers at the event

Group performances at the Bell Jamz stage

Entrance to Wild Bae

Inside Wild Bae Area code

Tidal services at Wild Bae

Bosiko Cocktails at Wild Bae

Black Panther also checked in for the festival

MoMoPay services are also available “Musana Carts”

Gaming Area also in the house for gamers

What to tag along with on your “MTN Nyege Nyege Packing List” as you head to Nile Beach Jinja

As the dates come closer for the much anticipated festival “MTN Nyege Nyege festival” happening from the 6th of September up to the 9th day of September at Nile beach in Jinja, to ensure that our Pulsers enjoy the fun filled weekend in a safe and responsible mood, in this piece we are going to list for you basic things that shouldn’t miss out on your packing list or better yet, your shopping list.

Phone charger, in this era where you have to lit up your social media pages as away of sharing an experience, you wouldn’t want to see a battery low notification when the party is getting lit and you want to create FOMO, therefore, as you pack tooth paste which by the way should be accompanied by a pair of tooth brush and a towel ,don’t forget to drop your phone charger in the sides of your bag as for those who have power banks, then that’s an added advantage to enjoy your weekend out while sharing with friends without limitations by battery life.

Dress code, we all know Nyege Nyege represents a bit of culture, so we would rather you carry with you at least clothes with an African print so you can celebrate your culture with other revelers. Still on dress code, Like ‘Stonebowy’ said in his song, “No one knows tomorrow” , just so you know you will need you a pair or two of hoodies to keep you warm just in case the sky decides to bless us with what Mr. Eazi called Holy water in Leg over.

On creating for yourself a healthy environment that will allow you to party without complications, we all know there is a time when the body will need to rest irrespective of what one will be doing at the Nile beach, therefore don’t forget to pack a blanket and bed sheets given that the event shall be on the shores of a river so there will be cold moments during the festival and a warm blanket can save you that fate as you enjoy the festival.

Checkout more of the things not to miss on your back-bag here;