Pulse MCM: Jordan Mwesiga Meets His Childhood Dream; Certified Private Pilot

When many of us were younger, we’d be asked what we wanted to be and we’d say so many things including being a pilot because it seemed like a cool thing to fly an aircraft in space. Unfortunately many of us gave up on that dream and ventured into different things but Jordan Mwesiga decided to be different and went on to pursue that dream of becoming a pilot.

Jordan is a 24 year Old Certified Private Pilot and is currently enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program at L3Harris Airline Academy in Sanford, Florida, USA. What many people don’t know is that Jordan did a Bachelor of Arts in Animation at the United States International University in Nairobi but dropped out to pursue his dream in aviation.

“I knew I wanted to be a pilot as far back as age 4. I have always been fascinated by aviation. In my childhood, I used to read a lot about planes and aerodynamics in general and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing this. As I grew older, my passion grew with me,” Jordan reminisced.

Although the career of being pilot looks very fancy to many because they believe it is very well paying, Jordan said that it is more than just flying the plane, it is also about understanding a lot of dynamics like the weather, air laws and air space regulations as well. However, the thrill of being able to control a machine that defies gravity and being able to take people safely from one place to another makes the whole experience worth it.

For the young pulsers who want to also pursue their dreams like Jordan, he says,“My advice for any aspiring pilot is do your research. Contact as many flight training academies as you can and gather the information starting now. I started contacting schools in 2012 but I started training in 2019. It is never too early. You also don’t have to be an expert at Mathematics and Geography to become a pilot.” He added.

Jordan is very vocal on his Twitter and is willing to help out young pulsers with questions about his field and how they too can achieve their dream. Get yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and follow him on his social media.

Twitter: @lovvewolf

Snapchat: @jordan_mwesiga

Pulse Plot: Ladies Night! Azawi, Nwagi to Headline Club Beatz At Home Online Concert

The Club Pilsner weekend entertainment is going all female this weekend. Sunday 20th December, 2020 at 9:15 PM till late will be Club Beatz at Home on Facebook and on YouTube, with the hottest female acts in music at the moment.

Petite and youthful Azawi, that I personally believe should have been Lilian Mbabazi and the Late Mowzey Radio’s baby (for her creativity and love ladden rhymes) will be taking center stage with Winnie Nwagi.

If I were in production that day, I’d “kusaba her to repeat it” until dawn. That’s my favorite song from her and I am happy that she’s been lined up to spice the end of a rather disturbing year for me and many other people in the world.

The online concert will be streamed live on the Club Pilsner Facebook Page and on YouTube. Hosted by Douglas Lwanga, this episode will usher us formally into the festive season and I love the sound of that.

Charge your phones before that, and laptops. MTN has a line up of data bundles you can choose from for that concert specifically, some of it comes with added YouTube streaming minutes. It’s as if they know such concerts will be there and you’ll need it. But don’t they?

Happy weekend Pulsers. Will await your reviews on Monday!

MTN Pulse Amplifies the Voice of the Youth through The Buzz Teeniez Awards

Telecom giant MTN Uganda under its youth-engagement platform, MTN pulse was one of the sponsors of the first ever virtual Buzz Teeniez Awards (BTAs) that happened over the weekend.

For 13 years now, the Teenagers have been awarding their outstanding entertainment acts and last Sunday, they once again awarded their best entertainers ranging from artistes to DJs. The BTAs are Uganda’s longest standing awards.

Crysto Panda was the day’s biggest winner, walking away with the coveted “Teeniez Artist of the year’ Award as well as three other awards for the best male artiste, best break-out artiste and best teeniez collabo. B2C, Sheebah, Spice Diana, Karole Kasita, and DJ Slick Stuart and Roja also got recognized by the Teeniez for their outstanding entertainment works.

This year’s BTAs brought to life two new categories particularly targeting fashion and rap talent. For his dope lines, Cabella1 was named the first ever Teeniez Underground Rapper, earning himself a mentorship and a free song recording with Artin Pro. He also won 10 GB MTN data per month for 6 months courtesy of MTN Pulse. Other winners of the 10 GB data from MTN are; Karole Kasita, Crysto Panda, Mun G, DJ Slick Stuart and Roja.

Commenting about MTN’s involvement in the BTAs, Hellen Kirungi the MTN Uganda Youth Segment Manager said that: “We are happy to bring the Pulse lifestyle to Buzz Teeniez Awards. This platform has given the youth a voice in the world of entertainment and as MTN, we want to amplify that voice through our youth platform, MTN Pulse.”

MTN Pulse is youth dedicated platform through which MTN empowers the youth with offers such as; data bundles, music streaming, video uploads, games, career placement and advice among others. The MTN Pulse app is packed with hot data offers, killer deals, legit games, dope music and awesome freebies that keep youth living it up with #NoFear all day, every day.


Pulse Social Media Queen: Sharon Nabiwemba Believes it’s Upon the Users to Make the Internet Space Safer

Sharon Miriam Nabiwemba Kiwanuka, is an ardent user of the internet and social media. One of those millennials that are willing to take every opportunity that crops up online as long as it helps them further their dreams and aspirations.

That aside, and like any other Ugandan (and millennial at that), she is online to connect with friends and have a good time. With hundreds of thousands of friends and followers across social media platforms, the graduate in waiting at Makerere University falls in our Kings and Queens section.

Ms Nabiwemba is completing her bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying at Makerere University. She believes the internet is not yet as safe as it should be and insists that the duty to make it safer shouldn’t just fall on the government as regulators but citizens too.

“I think what we need is a safe place to connect with friends, workmates and the world. We are not in the past anymore, we have developed our communication and should pride in that enough as humans to ensure that it is a safe means.” Nabiwemba told MTN Pulse.

An alumna of King’s College Budo, she says that she was proud when her fellow old girls felt that Twitter (a social media platform) was safe enough to narrate their school experiences that they rightly believed were not fair.

“Under normal circumstances, they’d hold placards and demonstrate at the school but they didn’t have to and still got their message heard. The implementation of their demands is another thing but that demonstrates what we see the internet as. Why do we not protect such a space with our lives?” She added.

Nabiwemba acknowledges that we are not where we should be as a people. She especially has constraints as regards the OTT tax which she says has limited so many people from using the internet and social media, the way they should.

“In my view, they shouldn’t tax us for social media. With this unemployment, social media is a big market for some of us that choose to do small businesses and other start ups. When you curtail our market, our sample space is lowered.” She said.

She applauded MTN for introducing platforms where young people can freely express themselves and “have their voices heard.” According to her, young people need more of such platforms because they have a lot to air out.

Connect with Ms Nabiwemba on Twitter and Instagram at @sharon_kiwanuka and @sharon_nabiwemba respectively. How? By loading Pulse Bundles from *157#.

Pulse Hustler: Darlington Nahumuza’s Start Up Story With Truth Inc, a Digital Marketing Agency

At MTN Pulse, we love and vibe with Pulsers that are out there going against all odds to leave a mark on their world, their lives and the community. It is the true mark of success and we like to celebrate it.

It is not easy growing a start up from scratch to the point you envision it to be. That’s why today, in Pulse Hustler, we shine a light on Darlington Nahumuza – the Founder at Truth Inc – a Digital Marketing Agency.

Mr. Nahumuza, a graduate of Makerere University, describes what they do as “simply helping individuals, businesses and brands to reach their potential clients and bigger markets using modern trends and tools like Digital Marketing, Creative Design, Web Development and Branding. They also have an Academy that teaches Digital Graphics and Photography.


“I started this business last year, much as I had the dream right from when I was at Campus. The desire to chase my own goals, together with the zeal to be self employed inspired me to start out.” Nahumuza explained to MTN Pulse.

He acknowledges their successes so far to include being able to increase their reach in terms of connections and networking – a very fundamental aspect of business.

“I now know a whole lot more people than before, which is a huge plus in business and in life. Secondly, I have managed to inspire some of my other colleagues to get started at whatever level they were at.” He noted.


Through their academy programme, Truth Inc have managed to equip youths with the digital skills to help them start out in life. These positives and more, are what Nahumuza believes are their biggest achievements thus far.

Like any other start up, Nahumuza’s Truth Inc has had challenges with finances and struggling to break even but they have persisted beyond all odds and that’s what defines a hustler. He also appealed to potential clients to grow a little more trust for start ups and open their minds to sprouting digital tools that could make a whole difference in their work.

“I advise young people to be fearless on the pursuit of their dreams. Be patient, resilient, hardworking, humble and God fearing.” Nahumuza concluded.

Connect with Truth Inc on social media: Truth Inc – Facebook | @truthinc – Instagram and @TruthIncEa – Twitter. MTN Pulse has amazing social media bundles that are accessible in a *157# dial away.